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  • Chris T. Hendrickson Elected to National Academy of Construction. Read More
  • Big Factories Won't Solve High Cost of Electric Vehicles, Carnegie Mellon Researchers Say. Read More
  • News Brief: Information Networking Institute Student Receives Full Scholarship to Study Information Security. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon President Subra Suresh To Be Inducted into Institute of Medicine. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon University to Host Second Annual Nationwide High School Computer Security Contest . Read More

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Excellence in the College of Engineering

The College of Engineering ranks among the leaders in the world for engineering research and education. Learn more about the college's accolades in our about the college and Engineering Rankings pages.

Expanding Collaborations, Empowering People, Elevating Impact is the College of Engineering's strategic plan, which will ensure continued excellence at the college.  

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The College of Engineering fosters an environment for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Learn about the college's efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship


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  • BME Alumna Turns Amaranth Into Dietary Supplement

    BME alumna Mary Beth Wilson is working to turn the leaves of the amaranth plant into a powdered dietary supplement that she believes could address certain prominent nutrient deficiencies in the diets of people in developing nations. Wilson is the founder of Innovesca, an Uptown-based start-up working on the cultivation and development of this supplement by using Wilson's patent-pending method of preserving most of the amaranth leaf's nutritional value during the powdering process.  Read More
  • Kim Awarded Samsung Ph.D. Fellowship

    ECE doctoral student Yoongu Kim has been awarded The Samsung Ph.D. Fellowship for the 2014-15 academic year. Samsung created this fellowship with the intent to support a student in the area of computer architecture, specializing in memory system design. This is the first time the fellowship was ever awarded, and Yoongu Kim is the inaugural recipient within the United States.  Read More
  • Velibeyoglu Awarded Dr. Elio D’Appolonia Graduate Fellowship

    CEE Ph.D. Candidate Irem Velibeyoglu was selected as the first recipient of the Dr. Elio D’Appolonia Graduate Fellowship. Velibeyoglu completed her undergraduate studies at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Velibeyoglu is researching smart infrastructure with an emphasis on structural health monitoring, data and risk analysis and the use of wireless sensors on civil engineering related issues.  Read More

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