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  • Researchers Show Forest Fragmentation from Shale Development Could Be Reduced by Placing Natural Gas Lines Along Roadways. Read More
  • Researchers Propose Solutions To Reduction in Revenue from Gasoline Tax. Read More
  • News Brief: Storing Energy May be Profitable, But It's Not a Clean Technology. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon and IBM Launch First Cloud-Based Analytics Partnership for Smarter Buildings. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon Students Will Flight Test Sensor Package Designed To Model Surface Pits on Moon and Mars. Read More

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Excellence in the College of Engineering

The College of Engineering ranks among the leaders in the world for engineering research and education. Learn more about the college's accolades in our about the college and Engineering Rankings pages.

Expanding Collaborations, Empowering People, Elevating Impact is the College of Engineering's strategic plan, which will ensure continued excellence at the college.  

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The College of Engineering fosters an environment for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Learn about the college's efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship


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  • Blanton Appointed Associate Director of SYSU-CMU JIE

    ECE Professor Shawn Blanton has been appointed Associate Director of the SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering (JIE), an international partnership between Carnegie Mellon and Sun Yat-sen University, located in Guangzhou, China. As Associate Director, Blanton will strengthen the JIE program through faculty recruiting and mentoring, as well as student admission. 
  • Feinberg Receives 2015 NSF CAREER Award

    BME/MSE Professor Adam Feinberg received the 2015 NSF Faculty Career Development (CAREER) Program award. The grant is entitled, "CAREER: 3D Printing of Heart Muscle Using Soft Hydrogels," and was granted to support research and education into 3D Bioprinting. It will be conducted over the next five years.

  • Mai Quoted in Motherboard on the USB Killer

    ECE Professor Ken Mai was quoted in an article on Motherboard about the potential danger of the "USB Killer," a USB thumb drive that can supposedly fry your computer from the inside. "Plugging unknown hardware into your PC is just a really bad idea," Mai is quoted as saying. "It's equivalent to finding a sandwich in the street and eating it."  Read More

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