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  • News Brief: Carnegie Mellon Receives Two State-of-the-Art Scanning Electron Microscopes. Read More
  • News Brief: Yu-li Wang Elected to AIMBE College of Fellows. Read More
  • News Brief: Carnegie Mellon Study Shows Electric Vehicle Range and Emissions Vary With Climate. Read More
  • News Brief: Carnegie Mellon University Team Finds Exporting Natural Gas Will Not Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Read More
  • News Brief: American Society of Civil Engineers Honors Dean James H. Garrett, Jr. and Professor Mitchell Small. Read More

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Innovation & Excellence

Excellence in the College of Engineering

The College of Engineering ranks among the leaders in the world for engineering research and education. Learn more about the college's accolades in our about the college and Engineering Rankings pages.

Expanding Collaborations, Empowering People, Elevating Impact is the College of Engineering's strategic plan, which will ensure continued excellence at the college.  

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The College of Engineering fosters an environment for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Learn about the college's efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship


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  • CNBC Highlights Self-Driving Car Survey

    A study done at CMU analyzes the differences between what Millennials and baby boomers want out of their self-driving cars. "Those who are younger see self-driving cars as a chance to take their world behind the wheel," says Donna Sturgess, Chief Marketing Officer for the College of Engineering.  Read More
  • Morgan Quoted in NatGeo on Geoengineering

    EPP's Granger Morgan was appointed to an NRC committee of experts from across disciplines meant to aid the U.S. government in the evaluation of possible geoengineering plans to curb the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. "If you can scrub CO2 out of the atmosphere for a reasonable price," Granger said in National Geographic, "that might be a strategy."  Read More
  • Azevedo Invited to Serve on ERL Editorial Board

    EPP Professor Inês Azevedo has been invited to serve as part of the editorial board for Environmental Research Letters (ERL). She began her term in January and will sit on the board for two years.  Read More
  • Subrahmanian Gives Dean's Seminar Series Lecture

    ICES' Eswarn Subrahmanian gave the invited lecture at the annual Dean's Seminar Series at the TU-Delft Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management. The lecture explained that technology and policy management involves participation in designing policy and technology, as well doing research on the effect of these policies in the real world. 

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