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  • Argyle Data and Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley announce new research paper: Real-time anomaly detection in streaming cellular network data. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon professors receive more than $1 million in funding to stop dendrite formation in lithium-ion batteries. Read More
  • Datacenter-on-Chip: Researchers target a new paradigm for Big Data Computing. Read More
  • CMU's proportion of undergraduate women in computer science and engineering soars above national averages. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon collaborators discover the cause of vastly different thermal conductivities in superatomic structural analogues. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon researchers produce “mind-blowing” nanowires that will help harvest energy from sunlight. Read More

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The College of Engineering ranks among the leaders in the world for engineering research and education. Learn more about the college's accolades in our about the college and Engineering Rankings pages.

Expanding Collaborations, Empowering People, Elevating Impact is the College of Engineering's strategic plan, which will ensure continued excellence at the college.  

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The College of Engineering fosters an environment for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Learn about the college's efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship


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  • Whitacre quoted in CNN Money and Science Alert

    MSE/EPP Professor Jay Whitacre was quoted in CNN Money and Science Alert on lithium-ion batteries used by major corporations including Samsung, which recently recalled nearly 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Whitacre says that phones with defective battery cells will eventually malfunction and go off. 
  • Ryan Sullivan awarded use of DoE's nanoscale imaging tech

    MechE’s Ryan Sullivan has been awarded use of nanoscale imaging technology at the Department of Energy’s Environmental Molecular Sciences Lab. The equipment will be used to study ice nucleation and biomass burning. 
  • Donahue gives lecture as part of YSU Lecture Series

    ChemE/EPP/Chemistry's Neil Donahue was highlighted on for his lecture given at Youngstown State University on September 14. The lecture is part of the YSU Lecture Series on Energy and Environment, focusing on global warming. Donahue's lecture covered the intersection of air quality, climate science, and policy.  Read More
  • Cranor’s Bank Privacy tool featured in Motherboard

    A web-based tool developed by EPP/CyLab's Lorrie Cranor and colleagues was featured in Motherboard. Called “Bank Privacy,” the automated tool crawls and parses bank privacy notices so that consumers can find information about their own bank's privacy policies, as well as others in the area.  Read More

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