The Rookie Award recognizes an outstanding staff member who shows the same qualities as staff recognitions awards recipients.

However, the Rookie Award winner has only been a part of the College of Engineering for a relatively short period of time.


The basis for selection will be excellence in the areas of job performance, dedication, positive attitude and contributions as a team player. For additional clarification, please refer to the same guidelines as outlined in the Staff Recognition Award Nomination Criteria.

Eligibility notes
  • Part-time staff members are those who work a sufficient number of hours to receive Carnegie Mellon benefits or who have joint appointments, spending at least 50% of their time working for the College of Engineering.
  • Staff who have served in the College of Engineering for more than two years as of November 1 of the nomination year are recognized separately through the Staff Recognition Awards.


The award is open to all full- or part-time College of Engineering staff members who have been a part of the College of Engineering for six months to two years as of November 1 of the nomination year.

The following are not eligible:

  • Current Staff Awards Committee members
  • Staff members who have been with the College of Engineering for fewer than six months or more than two years as of November 1 of the nomination year
  • Previous Rookie Award winners
  • College of Engineering faculty members, including special faculty
  • Group nominations; the award is given to individuals only

If you are unsure if a potential nominee fits the criteria, check the list of eligible staff.

Nomination requirements

Any Carnegie Mellon staff member, faculty member, graduate student or undergraduate student may submit a nomination.

Packets should include the following:

  • A letter of two pages or less justifying your position that the nominee satisfies the criteria.
  • One letter of reference not exceeding two pages from another Carnegie Mellon staff, faculty, or student; this may include letters from outside the department and can be submitted by an individual or group to support the nomination. 
  • Either the nomination or the letter of reference must come from the nominee’s supervisor(s). 
  • Any other information the nominator may consider appropriate. Please keep additional information to a reasonable length.