There are a number of courses offered by the College of Engineering that can enhance students’ leadership abilities. Many of these courses may not deal with leadership specifically, but have projects or examples that will help students refine their skills.

39-402 – Leadership and Development Seminar

In addition to exploring the leadership and development resouces, students who are interested in expanding their leadership skills can take a 39-402, Leadership and Development Seminar, which is a seminar course designed for College of Enginering juniors and seniors who are committed to further developing their leadership skills and potential for sustained impact in the future. The course is substantive and engaging, while less technically challenging than thought provoking, edifying, and enjoyable. The course will build on the foundation of the six key leadership pillars, identified by the college to hone a student's professional and personal development to serve others, and to seek out and nurture opportunities to heighten one's capacity as a person and leader. It is a nine-unit course in which students will hear from multiple leaders, and perform case studies on specific examples.