Classroom visits

Engineering is an integration of many disciplines, so it can seem complex to many K-12 students. Simply, engineers make things work. We tell kids to start by considering their everyday experiences: from their alarm clock to their morning shower to their bus ride to school to the technology that they use at school to their cell phones and clothing to their sporting equipment and even the food and snacks that they enjoy throughout the day. Engineers use a design process to give us the “things” that we want and need to have a good quality of life.

DEI outreach Our Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion also organizes visits by CMU Engineering students to elementary, middle, and high schools. Learn more about the program

Our faculty often visit classrooms to lead K-12 STEM programs. If you are interested in scheduling a time for a researcher or faculty member in a STEM-related field to pay a visit to your classroom or career fair, please fill out our contact form. Note: Filling out this form does not guarantee that there will be a researcher or faculty member available to speak to your class, but only puts you into contact with our scheduler who will do what they can to set up the visit for you.

Faculty highlights

Check out our videos to get a sense of some of the exciting engineering-related research being performed at Carnegie Mellon.