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CMU Grads Develop Rapid-Response Public Safety Device

CMU Grads Develop Rapid-Response Public Safety Device

A team of Carnegie Mellon University alumni is tackling the problem of rapid response technology for crime prevention. With the AlertCall key fob device and mobile app, the team hopes to improve public safety by allowing people to instantly contact friends and police when they feel like they are in danger or need help. AlertCall was recently picked up by FastFwd, a Philadelphia-based accelerator program that focuses on public safety innovation. Continue Reading...

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RWE 2014 Participants

On May 13 - 16, College of Engineering students participated in the Real World Engineering Silicon Valley program to experience a "day-in-the-life" of an engineer, tour companies, learn about the roles their engineers play in their business, and network with alumni. Learn more about the RWE program


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