Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Leaders in a Global Environment

Global education is important to usso much so, in fact, that it's woven into the fabric of our mission: "To provide students with the fundamental knowledge, interdisciplinary problem solving skills, societal and business awareness, and confidence required to excel in their chosen professions and be leaders in a global environment." The value we place on global education manifests itself in the opportunities we offer our students, such as engineering-specific study abroad and exchange programs; funding to travel abroad; a Global Engineering minor; and a multicultural environment for enhancing the educational experience.

Why Go Global?

It's who we are: In addition to opportunities to go abroad, our highly diverse campus delivers an international perspective. The College of Engineering enjoys a multinational population with more than 20 percent of our undergraduate students coming from outside the U.S., from a wide range of countries. Students share experiences and insights in which all benefit from this collective knowledge.

It's where we are: We offer a variety of international degree options at the graduate level, as well as study abroad exchanges with other excellent engineering schools across the globe.

It's our reputation: Our approach to research is innovation through collaboration across disciplines and across cultures. We have forged collaborative research and educational partnerships with international companies, universities, and other organizations.

It's how we lead: Our students are educated to become global citizens and to see differences as opportunities, gaining insight from people of various backgrounds and perspectives and understanding cultural and local market needs. College of Engineering graduates create engineering solutions as globally minded innovators in local, national, and international communities.

It's what employers want: Among the most important skills top employers seek is the ability to discover opportunities in developing markets across cultures and languages and to make connections across countries, disciplines, and industries. Our unique approach graduates students with a global perspective that enables them to move seamlessly between cultures. Naturally, employers seek out these talented students.

It's fun! Read the personal accounts of College of Engineering students who have spent time abroad; talk to members of internationally focused student organizations on campus; or ask our Global Engineering minors why they chose to pursue this academic focus, and they will all tell you that in addition to what they learned, how they contributed, and how they grew, they had fun doing it.