Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Professional Speaker Series

The College of Engineering Professional Speaker Series will present speakers who will share their depth of knowledge and experience with the College of Engineering staff to educate you and enhance your professional development.

The College of Engineering has presented several speakers in the College of Engineering Professional Speaker Series: Education Through Entertainment. The first speaker in the series was John Putzier, President of FirStep, Inc. He presented, "Tapping Your Natural Weirdness! Re-discovering Your Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Potential." Robert E. Kelley was our second speaker with "How to Be a Star at Work: 9 Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed." Our third speaker was news anchor and principal of FosterHyland & Associates, Sheila Hyland who presented "Sheila Hyland: Unplugged." Our fourth speaker was George M. Davison who presented "Imagination, Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurialism in America." And our most recent speaker was Jeff Tobe who presented "Coloring Outside the Lines."

If you missed these events, you can watch the videos! Contact Diane Robinson to borrow them. View the photos from "Sheila Hyland: Unplugged."

Stay tuned for information about our next speaker.