Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Strategic Plan:
Expanding Collaboration
Empowering People
Elevating Impact

The College of Engineering has distinguished itself among the nation's top engineering schools for its commitment to reaching beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines in pursuit of innovation and solutions to real-world problems. Our strategic plan honors and expands upon that core strength, aligning Strategic Plan Coverthe College's people, processes and priorities around a common vision. The title of the plan—Expanding Collaboration; Empowering People; Elevating Impact—expresses our vision for becoming an even more significant contributor of solutions to the world's problems, and a visible thought leader on vital topics within our areas of expertise. We intend to build upon our solid foundation as a world-class engineering college with a distinct identity and a reputation for excellence. Our intent is bolstered by our legacy of innovation and collaboration, and is grounded by our core values.

The plan will serve as the measuring stick against which we evaluate our decisions over the next five years. It establishes a common vision of our destination, and defines the route for our journey. It reaffirms our commitment to collaborate with our colleagues across disciplines in higher education, government and industry in pursuit of breakthrough discoveries and transformative solutions. We move forward with renewed energy and dedication to advancing the science of engineering and its practical application to solving the salient problems of our time.