Carnegie Mellon Engineering

2016 Events

December 19Mental Health First Aid Training
December 15Stress: A Way of Life or a Fact of Life
December 14Pioneering Change: Innovation in Your Role at CMU
December 14Reading Day
December 13Bias Busters @ CMU Session for Search Committees
December 13Change Ready: Strategies to Adapt to Change
December 13Quantitative Entrepreneurship: Analysis for New Technology Commercialization Final Presentations
December 12Bias Busters @ CMU Session
December 12MechE: Senior Design Expo
December 9MechE Seminar Series: "From Nanoscale Surface Engineering to Macroscale Thermal Energy Systems"
December 9CEE Seminar Series: "Climate Change and Human Health: Reflections on Research and Remaining Challenges"
December 8ECE Seminar Series: "ISSTAC: Integrated Symbolic Execution for Space-Time Analysis of Code"
December 8Purchasing Card (PCARD) Training
December 8ChemE Seminar Series: "Growth of Nanocrystals in Solution: Insights from Multi-Scale Simulations"
December 8Priority Management: Increase Your Impact
December 7Boosting Creativity in Your Workplace
December 7Grant Budgeting Basics
December 7Workday Department Initiator Training
December 6BME Seminar Series: "Stem cell mechanobiology and aortic valve disease"
December 6MechE presents: DIY Design and Fabrication Expo
December 6Compass Points: Discover Clarity and Focus in Your Work
December 6Introduction to Purchasing
December 5CyLab Distinguished Seminar: "Balancing Privacy and Functionality - Secure Communication with Middleboxes"
December 4Before you CTF
December 2MechE Seminar Series: Aaron Ames, Georgia Institute of Technology
December 2CEE Seminar Series: Leonardo Dueñas-Osorio, Rice University
December 2MSE Seminar Series: "Screening and Characterizing DNA-based Ligands for Gold Nanomaterials"
December 2Carnegie Colloquium: "The Future of the Internet: Governance and Conflict"
December 1SoA presents: "Passive House at Home and Around the World Featuring the Passive House Academy’s Michael McCarthy"
December 1Social and Decision Sciences presents: "Behavioral Economics: Past, Present and Future"
December 1New Hire Orientation
November 30 – January 1Special Event: GEC Pitch Night
November 30Embracing Technology
November 29Financial Data Warehouse 101
November 29ChemE Seminar Series: "Fundamental approaches to understanding transition metal catalysts: toward improved catalyst design"
November 29What’s the Rule? Grammar Basics for Professional Writing
November 28CyLab Distinguished Seminar: Yang Cai
November 23 – November 25Thanksgiving Holiday - no classes
November 19Stop Hunger Now Meal Packaging Event
November 19Transportation Camp Pittsburgh 2016
November 18CAUSE Speakers Series: “From The Grassroots to the Ivory Tower: Memoirs on the 20th Century African American Experience”
November 18Robotics Institute presents: "The Next Frontier in AI: Unsupervised Learning"
November 18MechE Seminar Series: Harrison Hyung Min Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
November 18MSE Seminar Series: "Adventures in Bending: Forming Advanced and Ultra High Steel and Other Lightweight Materials"
November 18SafeZone Training
November 17Sleep: An Essential Component of Health and Well-Being
November 16NASA Centennial Challenge Informational Webinar
November 16Creating an Environment for Effective Group Decision Making
November 16Workday Department Initiator Training
November 15Start Smart: Structuring 3rd Party Relationships
November 15BME Seminar Series: "Engineering Medical Solutions: A Biomedical Engineer’s Perspective in Academia, Industry and Government"
November 15ULS presents: "Cybersecurity: The Role of Active Defense"
November 15CIT Annual Staff Meeting
November 15Oracle Purchase Order Training
November 15CONNECTS Speaker Series: "How to find office space for your startup"
November 15ULS presents: "Shaping Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Learning for Tomorrow: Challenges and Opportunities"
November 15Focus Your Message
November 14ULS presents: Film Screening of “Meet the Donors: Does Money Talk?” with Q&A to follow
November 14 – November 182016 Global Entrepreneurship Week
November 14 – November 15NSF Grants Conference
November 11CONNECTS Speaker Series: "The art of the pitch"
November 11Bias Busters @ CMU Session for Graduate Students
November 11MechE Seminar Series: Mike Taylor & Yoed Rabin, CMU
November 11Scott Institute Lecture Series presents: "DOE Strategy to Advance U.S. Clean Energy Technology Innovation"
November 11MSE Seminar Series: "Bioinspired Materials Systems to Study and Regulate Stem Cell Biology"
November 11Carnegie Mellon Veteran’s Day Event
November 10ULS Series Presents: "Transform: Beyond Pixels, Towards Radical Atoms”
November 10CIT Annual Faculty Meeting and Awards
November 10ECE Seminar: "ISSTAC -- Integrated Symbolic Execution for Space-Time Analysis of Code"
November 10CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Creating a successful video pitch"
November 10 – January 1Oracle GL Journal Entry
November 10Bias Busters @ CMU Session for Graduate Admission Committees
November 10Sub-Award Agreements: Understanding the Internal Processes of Issuing and Managing Sub-Awards on Sponsored Projects
November 9Scott Institute Distinguished Lecture Series: Thomas Siebel
November 9Priority Management: Evaluating Your Processes
November 9CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Entrepreneurship through acquisition"
November 8Purchasing Card (PCARD) Training
November 8Workday Open Enrollment Workshop
November 4CONNECTS Speaker Series: "How time based advertising works"
November 3Start Smart: Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Startup
November 3ChemE Seminar Series: "Process systems engineering methods for multi-scale chemical process and product design"
November 2"Refusing to break: lessons learned from my first job in tech"
November 2CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Splitting the equity pie & other aspects of equity compensation"
November 2Train the Trainer workshop by Bias Busters @ Carnegie Mellon University
October 29Scotty Saturday
October 28CONNECTS Speaker Series: "How to access resources from the government"
October 28Cybersecurity: why is this (still) so hard?
October 28CEE Seminar Series: "Liquid metal architectures - soft multifunctional materials with microfluidic networks of liquid-phase metallic alloys"
October 27Racism is REAL Lecture Series presents: "Microaggressions to racialized aggressions: exploring racism on college and university campuses"
October 27Bias Busters @ CMU Session for Search Committees
October 26Dowd Fellowship Seminar
October 25BME Seminar Series: "Form and function in multiscale cardiac-inspired sensors for experimental biomechanics"
October 25The Scott Institute presents Craig Miller, chief scientist at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
October 25ChemE Seminar Series: "Assembly line biosynthesis of polyketide antibiotics professor"
October 25Bias Busters @ CMU Session for Graduate Students
October 25The Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship Launch Ceremony
October 25LaunchCMU: A Technology Startup and Research Showcase
October 20Start Smart: Raising Capital
October 20 – October 212nd Annual Electrochemical Energy Symposium
October 20Swartz Entrepreneurial Leadership Special Talk: UpPrize Social Innovation Challenge
October 19Scott Institute Lecture Series presents: "COP21 and the future of fossil energy"
October 19CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Financial modeling"
October 18BME Seminar Series: "Frankenswine or bringing home the bacon: how close are we to clinical trials of xenotransplantation?"
October 18CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Agile product development"
October 18Bias Busters @ CMU Training for Search Committees
October 14The Scott Institute and Department of MechE present George Crabtree: "Storage at the threshold: Li-ion batteries and beyond"
October 14The Scott Institute presents Patricia Falcone, deputy director for science and technology, LLNL
October 11BME Seminar Series: "Digital image processing and analysis as a tool in life science: from drug screening to in situ sequencing"
October 11ChemE Seminar Series: "Directed evolution of novel viruses for therapeutic gene delivery"
October 10CyLab Distinguished Seminar: "The three T’s of a cyber security program"
October 7ULS presents: CMU Night at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
October 7CEE Seminar Series: "Making a difference: resourcing the world with clean water"
October 6Bias Busters @ CMU Session
October 5CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Franchise opportunities"
October 4BME Seminar Series: "Heterogeneous integration of inorganic devices with biological cells and tissues"
October 4CMU-ANSYS Groundbreaking Celebration
October 3CyLab Distinguished Lecture Series presents: "Characterizing and mitigating AS-based timing attacks on the Tor network"
September 30CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Design for manufacturability"
September 30Bias Busters @ CMU Session for Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure
September 29ULS Lecture Series presents: Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 2016 European Tour
September 29The Andy Awards Ceremony
September 28CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Start smart: protecting your company's IP assets"
September 28CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Creating a successful student startup team"
September 27BME Seminar Series: "Developing a continuum-based thrombosis model for cardiovascular devices"
September 27Bias Busters @ CMU Session for Search Committees
September 27ULS Series presents: "The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race: A friendly debate from opposing sides"
September 23Center for Africanamerican Urban Studies and the Economy (CAUSE) Annual Fall Reception
September 23 – September 24GRADLab - Getting Ready for Advanced Degrees
September 22CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Start smart: contract basics"
September 22Swartz Entrepreneurial Leadership Series presents Susan Gregg Koger
September 22ULS Lecture Series presents: "Living on the internet: in defense of niche markets"
September 21CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Customer discovery: how to know if your idea is a good one"
September 20BME Seminar Series: "From project to startup: unleashing your inner entrepreneur"
September 19 – September 21Technical Opportunities Conference
September 16CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Service design thinking"
September 16CEE Seminar Series: "Virtual materials testing"
September 15ECE Seminar Series: "Autonomous service robots: learning and explanations in human-robot interaction"
September 14CONNECTS Speaker Series: "Business model canvas"
September 13BME Seminar Series: "Engineering CNS tissue morphogenesis ex vivo"
September 13Venture for America Fellowship Program Coffee Hours
September 10Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
September 9INI ice cream social
September 8Screening of Werner Herzog's "Lo and Behold"
September 6BME Seminar Series: "Molecular understanding, design, and development of ultra low fouling zwitterionic materials for biomedical applications"
September 5Labor Day
August 29Classes Begin
August 25 – August 26New Faculty Orientation
August 9CMU Alumni Industry Insights Series
August 2The hidden treasures of Korean art and modern Korea
July 28Project planning: creating a winning plan
July 27Using change as a motivator
July 26Oracle purchase order training
July 26Leadership begins within: developing self-awareness and engaging reflective practice
July 21Oracle GL journal entry
July 21Success starts with me: strategies for success in your first year of employment
July 21Workday/HR/CMUWorks Service Center campus meeting
July 20What’s the rule? Grammar basics for professional writing
July 20Workday department initiator training
July 19Financial data warehouse 101
July 19Effective delegation
July 14Purchasing card (PCard) training
July 14Assert yourself
July 13Building mental fitness for optimal brain power
July 12Manage conflict before it manages you
July 12Introduction to purchasing
July 7New hire orientation
June 29Competency highlight: managing conflict
June 28Oracle GL journal entry
June 28Laughter, humor and play to reduce stress and solve problems
June 28Digital learning series
June 23Oracle purchase order training
June 23Set up for success: onboarding strategies for new employees
June 22Do that again: documenting work processes to ensure continuity and success
June 22Do that again: documenting work processes to ensure continuity and success
June 21Financial data warehouse 101
June 21Find your "flow"
June 21Find your "flow"
June 16Time to plan: time management for administrative professionals
June 16Project management for the non-project manager
June 15Competency highlight: intercultural awareness
June 14Who am I? An introduction to supervisory styles
June 9Purchasing card (PCard) training
June 9Managing transitions: creating a roadmap for success
June 8Insights into osteoporosis
June 8FocusU: learning at your fingertips
June 8Workday activity pay manager training
June 7Introduction to purchasing
June 2New hire orientation
June 1Emotional intelligence
June 1CIE office hours: patent and trademark strategy
May 31Office hours with CIE Entrepreneur-In-Residence
May 26CIE office hours: hardware design consulting for startups
May 26Get up and go: motivating others
May 25Osher at CMU evening lecture: "America’s Diplomats"
May 25Competency highlight: decision making
May 24CIE office hours: design thinking for startups
May 24Communication strategies in the workplace
May 23Center for Faculty Success - End of Academic Year Happy Hour
May 19To lead is to serve: service and engagement at CMU
May 18Competency highlight: strategic visioning
May 16 – May 182016 Dissertation Boot Camp
May 15INI Graduation Reception & Diploma Ceremony
May 15ECE Graduation Reception & Diploma Ceremony
May 15MSE Graduation Reception & Diploma Ceremony
May 15CEE Graduation Reception & Diploma Ceremony
May 15Main Commencement Ceremony
May 15EST&P Graduation Reception & Diploma Ceremony
May 15BME Graduation Reception & Diploma Ceremony
May 15EPP Graduation Reception & Diploma Ceremony
May 15E&TIM Graduation Reception & Diploma Ceremony
May 14ChemE Graduation Reception & Diploma Ceremony
May 14MechE Graduation Reception & Diploma Ceremony
May 12GOINI spring picnic
May 11Finding balance: leadership, learning, and self-care
May 9Pitch Perfect: How to sell your ideas to industry and funding agencies
May 6What is the problem? Techniques for everyday problem solving
May 5New hire orientation
May 4Reading Day
May 2CIT Center for Faculty Success Workshop for NSF Career proposal writing
May 2Mechanical Engineering Design Expo
April 29CEE graduate research showcase
April 29Unfinished business: black religion and the entrepreneurial spirit
April 29MechE Seminar Series: Pramod Reddy, U Michigan
April 29MSE Seminar Series: "Simulating grain boundaries at the atomic scale: more complicated than you think"
April 29CEE Seminar Series: "Uncertainties & challenges in real-time earthquake shaking & loss estimation"
April 28Competency highlight: creativity and innovation
April 28COLOUR OF MUSIC: Black classical musicians festival
April 28ECE Seminar Series: "Next generation neural interfaces: from physical implants to virtual implants"
April 27Opportunities and challenges in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences
April 27Data management planning
April 26Celebration of education
April 26Einstein’s "Unfinished Symphony": Listening for gravitational waves
April 25"Accelerating a cleaner future with renewable energy"
April 25CyLab Distinguished Seminar: "Using malware analysis results to identify overlooked security requirements"
April 22MechE Seminar Series: Ryan Sullivan, CMU
April 22MSE Seminar Series: "Emergent phenomena at a Mott insulator / band insulator interface"
April 22 – April 23CAUSE Conference: “Looking forward: forging a new agenda for CAUSE”
April 21Start Smart: Preparing for an exit
April 21Memorial for Judith Resnik
April 21Carol Brown Lecture Series presents "Robot narratives" with Illah Nourbakhsh
April 21ECE Seminar Series: "Network dynamics as optimization algorithms: a new perspective to engineering networked dynamical systems"
April 20Bias Busters @ CMU Session
April 20CIE CONNECTS Series: Setting up your back office
April 19BME Seminar Series: "Can measurements of tissue microstructure provide insights into brain function?"
April 19Road to building great companies: tapping into your entrepreneurial spirit
April 19CMU-SV Distinguished Lecture: "Global cyber threat intelligence"
April 18CyLab Distinguished Seminar: "Thinking better"
April 16CMUThink @ the ETC: "Gender in modern games"
April 16CMUThink: "Puzzle-based learning: from huh? to aha!"
April 16CMUThink: "A psychological approach to designing and researching games to reduce stereotypes and biases"
April 15CMUThink: Fastball screening and panel discussion
April 14CMU Hyperloop information reception
April 14Project Olympus Show & Tell
April 14ChemE Seminar Series: "Unit operations of nanomanufacturing"
April 14 – April 16Spring Carnival
April 13OSHER evening lecture: "The future of Pittsburgh"
April 13CIE faculty workshop: FDA 101
April 13Leadership can be learned: exploring foundations of leadership
April 13Bias Busters @ CMU Session
April 13CIE CONNECTS Series: Convertible promissory note – understanding the key terms
April 13James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Lecture Series presents Hersh, Pezaris, Gersh
April 12BME Seminar Series: "Reliability of cardiovascular stents"
April 12CMU-SV Distinguished Lecture: "Telerobotics for remote asset inspection"
April 12CIE special talk: Ilana Diamond, AlphaLab Gear
April 8CIE Connects Series: Buy-sell agreements and NDAs
April 8MechE Seminar Series: Cullen Buie, MIT
April 8MSE Seminar Series: "Tools and techniques of reverse engineering – a survey"
April 7Start Smart: Social enterprise – profit with a purpose
April 7Search Fund Accelerator Talk
April 7College of Engineering Center for Faculty Success Speaker Series: Laura Vanderkam
April 7Center for Faculty Success Speaker Series: "168 hours: getting more out of work and life, 24-7"
April 6Special event: CMU I-Corps site Inclusive Innovation Week mini-showcase
April 6Bias Busters @ CMU Session
April 6CIE CONNECTS Series: Getting started with sales
April 5Imagine the Conversation Dinner
April 5BME Seminar Series: "Bio-instructive scaffolds: designs that exploit geometry sensing mechanisms to guide stem cell differentiation"
April 5An evening with Julie Dash, filmmaker
April 5CMU-SV Distinguished Lecture: "Degree distributions in large networks: a little theory and a counterexample"
April 5“Writing the libretto”: a Requiem for Rice workshop
April 5ChemE Seminar Series: Yuriy Roman, MIT
April 4WinECE spring dinner
April 4"Black imagination": filmmaker Julie Dash
April 4CyLab Distinguished Seminar: "Indoor localization or - how I learned to stop worrying and love the clock"
April 1MechE Seminar Series: Jean Zu, U Toronto
April 1Slip slidin’ away: ice sheets and sea-level rise
April 1MSE Seminar Series: "Understanding structure-property relationships of materials using atom probe tomography and correlative microscopy"
April 1CEE Seminar Series: "Collaborative research on climate change, winter weirding, and transportation infrastructure"
March 31Zero Waste Home
March 31ECE Seminar Series: "Perspectives on computational sensing: physics, data, and uncertainty"
March 31Annual update from President Subra Suresh
March 31ChemE Seminar Series: "Frontiers in hydrocarbon processing"
March 29WINI 10th Anniversary Speaker Series: "Women entrepreneurs: the journey from concept to company"
March 29BME Seminar Series: "Adaptive algorithms for high-resolution dynamic imaging"
March 28Victor M. Bearg Science and Humanities Scholars lecture: "The planet within: caves from Earth to Mars and beyond"
March 28Harbingers of future war: today’s conflicts and implications for defense strategy
March 28The impact of the internet on the news media
March 28CyLab Distinguished Seminar: "Using unsupervised big-data analytics to detect sleeper cells among billions of users"
March 25MechE Seminar Series: Albert Presto, CMU
March 25MSE Seminar Series: "Molecular transport in carbon nanotube porins"
March 24CMU Cybersecurity Factory Event
March 24ChemE Seminar Series: "Device-scale simulation of liquid crystal reorientation dynamics"
March 23Fifth annual Thomas M. Kerr Jr. Lecture on Law and Society: "Justice Antonin Scalia: a matter of interpretation"
March 22BME Seminar Series: "Identifying sudden cardiac death risk and modeling a new mechanism of cardiac conduction responsible for life threatening arrhythmias"
March 21CAS Speaker Series presents: "No more: a film screening and talk"
March 21CyLab Distinguished Seminar: "Making password checking systems better"
March 19Women@INI Brunch
March 18GOINI bowling
March 18Margaret Morrison Distinguished Lecture in Women's History 10th year anniversary: "Black women's health care professionals before the modern black freedom movement"
March 18PATENT SEARCH: Inside-Out Faculty Workshop
March 17Start Smart: Protecting your company’s IP + unraveling student IP
March 17ECE Seminar Series: "Learning with algebraically structured subspaces"
March 17Energy storage and renewable energy lecture
March 17 – April 32016 Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival
March 16Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems information session
March 16CIE CONNECTS Series: "Insurance for startups: what do I need and when?"
March 16Allegheny Region Cleantech University Prize Collegiate Competition
March 15Junior Faculty Mixer
March 15BME Seminar Series: "Tumor metastasis, dormancy, and drug resistance in engineered environments"
March 15Next-Generation Cosmological Simulations: Galaxy Assembly and Evolution
March 14 – March 18CMU Energy Week
March 9Bias Busters @ CMU Session for faculty
March 7 – March 11Spring Break
March 3Osher Evening Lecture: "Bridges of Pittsburgh"
March 3ECE Seminar Series: "Networking for big data: theory and optimization for NDN"
March 3ChemE Seminar Series: "Semicontinuous distillation systems"
March 2CIE CONNECTS Series: Splitting the equity pie & other aspects of equity compensation
March 2Heinz Guest Speaker Benjamin F. Jones: "Education technology: learning what works"
March 1BME Seminar Series: "Regenerative engineering: the future of tissue regeneration"
February 29Start Smart: Raising Capital Part 2 – Negotiating a term sheet case study
February 29CyLab Distinguished Seminar: Coriana Pasareanu
February 29Carnegie Mellon's Dickson Prize in Science award ceremony and lecture: "Science, counterfactuals and free will"
February 26MechE Seminar Series: Cari Dutcher, U Minnesota
February 26James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Leadership Series presents Eric Vishria, Benchmark
February 26MSE Seminar Series: "Rare earths and other mineral raw materials: the many faces of criticality"
February 26CEE Seminar Series: "Reflections of an environmental manager – trends and dynamics in a changing world"
February 26Bias Busters @ CMU Session for faculty
February 25Simon Initiative Distinguished Lecture Series: "Technology, information and learning: medical education for the sake of patients"
February 25ECE Seminar Series: "Rethinking the functional boundaries of integrated radio-frequency systems enables new wireless communication paradigms"
February 243 tips to writing effective cover letters
February 24CIE CONNECTS Series: Agile Product Development
February 23BME Seminar Series: "Measuring the intracellular dew point: phase transitions in cells"
February 23ULS presents an Of Many short-film screening and "Talk-Back: An Imam and a Rabbi—an unorthodox friendship"
February 19MechE Seminar Series: Shawn Litster, CMU
February 19WINI roundtable lunch with Dr. Limin Jia
February 18Strategic frame analysis: from theory to practice
February 18Start Smart: Raising Capital Part 1
February 18Communicating data to non-experts
February 18Understanding misunderstanding: why all scientists need social science
February 18ECE Seminar: The state of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
February 18ULS presents "Horses of the apocalypse: war and genocide"
February 17Strategies for concise writing
February 17CIE CONNECTS Series: Financial Modeling
February 17EPP/EIC Seminar Series: "A utility’s perspective on Pittsburgh’s changing electrical landscape"
February 15CyLab Distinguished Seminar: "Building a software security program: effective risk management for IT security"
February 12MechE Seminar Series (joint seminar with MSE): Ola Harrysson, NC State
February 12EST&P 4th Annual Energy Careers Symposium
February 12CEE Seminar Series: Hyperloop
February 12Bias Busters @ CMU Session for Faculty
February 11University Lecture Series presents MLK Speaker Jelani Cobb
February 11ECE Seminar Series: "New opportunities from modern wireless networks"
February 10Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Value Creation Workshop
February 10Punctuation as information management
February 10Town Hall Meeting sponsored by Faculty Senate
February 10CIE CONNECTS Series: The Lean Startup
February 9BME Seminar Series: "Innovative systems for effective delivery of therapeutics"
February 9W.L. Mellon Speaker Series presents Karen L. Larrimer, PNC
February 9ChemE Seminar Series: "Towards an understanding of signal propagation and conformational changes in allosteric proteins"
February 8Venture for America at CMU
February 5GOINI Movie Night
February 5CAUSE Conference keynote address: "Perspectives on African Americans in Pittsburgh: 20 years later”
February 5CIE CONNECTS Series: Making Things Here
February 5CEE Seminar Series: "Reintermediating and realigning the supply chain for mature industries"
February 4Sponsored by OSHER: "The power of positive thinking and the sub-conscious mind in healing"
February 4ECE Seminar Series: "Self-organizing power-electronic systems"
February 4EST&P presents: "Integrating renewables into the grid"
February 2BME Seminar Series: "Perspectives on drug and device development and registration: FDA engagement"
February 2CMU-SV Distinguished Lecture Series: "The internet: where, to what purpose, and why?"
February 1Start Smart: Company Formation
February 1Center for the Arts in Society Lecture Series presents "Performing place, performing peace: space, place and conflict transformation in Northern Ireland"
February 1Building opportunity at the intersection of innovation & community through social enterprise clusters
January 30Starting Your Startup Workshop
January 29SAFE workshop, hosted by Women@INI
January 29MechE Seminar Series: Mark Fuge, U Maryland
January 28Social Event for Assistant Professors in Science, Computer Science and Engineering
January 28Center for the Arts in Society (CAS) Lecture Series: "Daggers of the mind: Shakespeare's dark matter"
January 28ECE Seminar Series: "Bringing cores closer together: the wireless revolution in on-chip communication"
January 28Center for the Arts in Society Lecture Series presents "Daggers of the mind: Shakespeare's dark matter"
January 28CMU Privacy Day Keynote Address
January 28CIE Special Talk: Kalpesh Kapadia, SelfScore
January 28Innovating for Competitive Advantage Webinar Series: Hyliion - Tractor Trailer Hybrid/Electric Technology
January 28Data Privacy Day 2016
January 27Get Real for MechE Students
January 26CMU Humanist League and Aha! present: "A better life: an exploration of joy and meaning in a world without God"
January 26BME Seminar Series: "Multi-scale image-based modeling of the failing heart: from cell to patient"
January 25Advanced Programming Techniques in MATLAB
January 25CyLab Seminar Series: "Don’t be tomorrow’s boiled frog: cyber risk appetite for executives"
January 23MLK Day of Service
January 21ECE Seminar Series: "Computer engineering sans frontières: molecular tweeting, bacteria socializing, and long road to precise medicine (all at once…)"
January 21James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Leadership Series presents: Matthew Humphrey, LendingHome
January 19CMU-SV Lecture Series: "DCCSOA: a dynamic and customizable cloud architecture and its applications for mobile users"
January 19McGinnis Venture Competition 2016 - application deadline
January 18Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Awards Ceremony
January 18THE CONVERSATION: “Student Voices,” An Interactive Diversity Experience
January 18Martin Luther King Day: No Classes
January 15Build18 Project Symposium: Demo Day
January 14ULS presents: "Broadband in smart cities – where will the bandwidth come from?"
January 12Event Name
January 11Classes Begin
January 1Bias Busters @ CMU Session
January 12BME Seminar Series: "Biomaterial systems with controlled temporal and spatial signal presentation for regulating stem cell behavior and tissue engineering"