Carnegie Mellon Engineering

2015 Events

December 18Thrill Mill Application Deadline
December 16Reading Day
December 15CyLab Relaunch
December 11Guihua Yu materials science and engineering department seminar: "Designing functional organic nanomaterials for electrochemical energy storage and biosensors"
December 11Last day of classes
December 9Akshaya Jha EPP/EIC Seminar: "Environmental Effects of Coal Stockpiles"
December 8Cynthia Reinhart-King biomedical engineering department seminar: "Pulling apart at the seams: Cell contractility in atherosclerosis and metastasis"
December 8CMU-SV Distinguished Lecture Series presents Doug Lenat: "50 shades of symbolic representation and reasoning"
December 8Susannah Scott chemical engineering department seminar
December 7Science, Technology and Policy Forum: Opportunities and Challenges in Engineering Research, Education, and Innovation
December 7Shawndra Hill CyLab distinguished seminar: "Talkographics: using what viewers say online to measure TV and brand audiences"
December 4Fritz Prinz mechanical engineering department seminar
December 4Special seminar: buy-sell agreements and NDAs
December 4Special CIE Seminar: Buy-Sell Agreements and NDAs
December 4Kristopher Kilian materials science and engineering seminar: "Cues at the interface: a role for physical and chemical signals during cancer metastasis"
December 3New hire orientation
December 2Karen Clay EPP/EIC seminar: "Canary in a coal mine: impact of mid-20th century air pollution on infant mortality and property values"
December 1Bill Warren biomedical engineering department seminar
December 1ULS Public Policy Lecture Series presents Joel Rubin: "My White House experience, running for Congress, and putting my Heinz degree to use”
December 1Nasser Abukhdeir chemical engineering department seminar
November 30ULS Lecture Series presents Vijay Balasubramanian: "The maps inside your head"
November 20 – November 22Startup Weekend Pittsburgh
November 20Kira Burton MechE Department Seminar
November 20Alfred Crosby MSE Department Seminar: Polymer-Nanoparticle Mesostructures and Their Mechanics
November 20Sean Qian CEE Department Seminar: "Efficient Management of Infrastructure Networks: Sensing and User Behavior Modeling"
November 19Marilyn Wolf ECE Department Seminar: An IoT System for Long-Term Care of People with Special Needs
November 19ULS Lecture Series presents Author Mary Morris
November 18Wei Peng EPP/EIC Seminar: "Potential benefits of long-distance electricity transmission in China for air quality and climate"
November 17START SMART: Structuring 3rd Party Relationships
November 17Beth Pruitt BME Department Seminar
November 17Close Encounters (of the Theatrical Kind): Engaging Audiences in the 21st Century
November 17Lunch & Learn with Turtle Mail
November 17Aditya Bhan ChemE Department Seminar
November 17Annual Electrochemical Energy Symposium
November 16Magnetic Levitation: The Physics Behind the “Back to the Future” Hoverboard
November 16Bob Sullivan CyLab Distinguished Seminar
November 16 – November 20Global Entrepreneurship Week
November 13Innovation Palooza: Impact-a-Thon
November 13CARL SAGAN FEST: A celebration of science and human values
November 13Implicit Bias Training for Faculty Search Committees
November 13Special Seminar: The Price of Admission: Communicating Effectively
November 13SolePower: Innovating for Competitive Advantage Webinar
November 13Milad Memarzadeh Webinar: "Monitoring and Control of Complex Dynamical and Interdependent Systems"
November 13David Kaplan MSE Department Seminar
November 12Jonathan Pillow ECE Department Seminar: Unlocking single-trial dynamics in parietal cortex during decision-making
November 11Daniel Kirk-Davidoff EPP/EIC Seminar: "The long term climate-driven variability of regional renewable electrical generation and demand"
November 10Karel Svoboda BME Department Seminar
November 10The Future of America's National Security
November 10CMU-SV Distinguished Lecture Series presents William Santana Li: Predict and Prevent Crime with Autonomous Data Machines
November 9CFA and Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center present Fiona Amundsen, New Zealand Artist
November 9From Total War to Perpetual Interwar
November 9Darren Shou CyLab Distinguished Seminar: Securing the Future
November 6CIE CONNECTS: Creating a Successful Video Pitch
November 6Devesh Ranjan MechE Department Seminar
November 6Brian Gorman MSE Department Seminar: "Adventures at the Atomic Scale: Diffusion and Defect Chemistry using Atom Probe Tomography"
November 6Mary Kasarda CEE Department Seminar: "The Virginia Tech Smart Infrastructure Laboratory: A High-Performance Research Platform in the new Goodwin Hall Building on the VT Campus"
November 5GraduateOrganization@INI Happy Hour
November 5Vijay Balasubramanian CEE Department Seminar: The Maps Inside Your Head
November 5New Hire Orientation
November 4Osher Lifelong Learning Institute presents Joe DeFazio, Composer and Jazz Musician
November 4CIE CONNECTS: The Art of the Pitch
November 4Public Policy Lecture Series presents Mayor John Fetterman
November 4CMU-SV Distinguished Lecture Series presents Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis: Set Cover at Web Scale
November 3START SMART: Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Startup
November 3Bahram Parvin BME Department Seminar
November 3Celebrate the Launch of CMU’s New Strategic Plan
November 3Nga Lee (Sally) Ng ChemE Department Seminar
November 2Michael Collins CyLab Distinguished Seminar: "Building a Network Security Analysis Toolbox: Problems of Vantage, Narrative and Action"
October 30Dowd-ICES Fellowship Seminar
October 30Erin MacDonald MechE Department Seminar
October 30Implicit Bias Training for Faculty
October 30Special Seminar: Deciphering Google Analytics
October 30Roger French MSE Department Seminar
October 29Sennur Ulukus ECE Department Seminar: "Energy Harvesting and Energy Cooperation in Wireless Communications"
October 29The Eric and Kim Giler Lecture in the Humanities presents: Telling Stories in Film
October 29Colloquium on Open Data & Research Futures
October 29John Hedengren ChemE Department Seminar
October 29Spark: Startups and Emerging Companies
October 28CIE CONNECTS: Improv Sales - Acting for a Customer Audience
October 28Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Session: Daniel Markley, Special Agent of the FBI
October 27START SMART: Protecting Your IP Seminar
October 27Emilio Bizzi BME Department Seminar
October 27CMU-SV Distinguished Lecture Series presents Gerard Holzmann: Proof or Consequences
October 26The Role of the US Military in Cyberspace
October 26Hanan Hibshi CyLab Distinguished Seminar: Assessment of Risk Perception in Security Requirements Composition
October 24Women@INI Pumpkin Carving
October 23The Impact of Open Access Models: Finding Stable, Sustainable & Scalable Solutions
October 22Oliver Cossairt ECE Departmental Seminar: "Computational Imaging and Illumination for Three Dimensional Imaging: Research at the NU Comp Photo Lab"
October 22James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Leadership Series presents: Glen de Vries, Co-founder & President of Medidata Solutions
October 22 – October 2337th Annual ChEGSA Symposium
October 21"Galileo’s Middle Finger: Why the Pursuit of Evidence is the Most Important Moral Pursuit of Our Time"
October 21Got Data?: Building a Sustainable Ecosystem for Data Driven Research
October 21Splitting the Equity Pie & Other Aspects of Equity Compensation
October 20Yadong Wang BME Department Seminar
October 19In Broad Daylight: Innovation & Transparency in Peer Review
October 17Young Adult Lecture Series: Maggie Stiefvater
October 16Special Seminar: Creating an Effective Landing Page for Your Business
October 16Green Chemistry Roundtable
October 16Mike Scott MechE Department Seminar
October 16David Freeman CyLab Distinguished Seminar: Securing the Perimeter at LinkedIn - Approaches to Registration and Login Defense
October 16Noa Marom MSE Department Seminar: Toward Computational Design of Cluster-Based Functional NanoStructures
October 16Minerva Perez CEE Department Seminar: "Mixing Engineering, Sustainability and BIM at Walt Disney Imagineering"
October 15START SMART: Raising Capital
October 15An Evening with Bob Moses: Civil Rights Legend and Education Activist
October 15Donatello Materassi ECE Distinguished Seminar: "Identifying the underlying structure of networks of dynamical systems via passive observations"
October 15Francois Baneyx ChemE Department Seminar
October 15The Open Movement in Higher Education: Sheila Corrall, Chair, LIS Program, U Pittsburgh
October 14CIE CONNECTS: Agile Product Development
October 14W.L. Mellon Speaker Series: Ursula M. Burns, Chairman and CEO of Xerox
October 14Jeffrey Taft EPP/EIC Seminar: "The PNNL Grid Architecture Report"
October 14"From Pittsburgh to the White House and Back: My Time in the Obama Administration"
October 13Leslie Loew BME Department Seminar
October 13Town Hall Meeting on Construction Activities
October 12Combatants for Peace: Toward a Non-violent Solution to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
October 12Chris Valasek CyLab Distinguished Seminar: Remote Exploitation of an Unaltered Passenger Vehicle
October 9MechE Department Seminar: Professors Jayan, Rubin and Sreenath
October 9Lehoczky Lecture Series presents "What's Gone Wrong in Washington, and Why It Doesn't Have To Be This Way"
October 9Lane Martin MSE Department Seminar: The Science and Engineering of Functional Complex Oxide Thin Films – Designing Next-Generation, High Performance Materials
October 9Brittani Grant CEE Department Seminar: "National Museum of African American History and Culture: Development of the Corona"
October 8INI Check-In: Don't Struggle Like I Did
October 8CMU Lecture Series on War and the Humanities presents Rick Atkinson
October 8LaunchCMU: The Business of Learning
October 8Science, Technology and Policy Forum: An Expanding and Expansive View of Computing
October 8William Schneider ChemE Department Seminar
October 8Inside-Out Commercialization Workshops for Faculty, Postdocs and Senior Graduate Students: THE LEGAL NEEDS OF A STARTUP
October 8Yuejie Chi ECE Graduate Seminar: Sparse Inversion of Mixture and Bilinear Models via Convex Optimization
October 8 – October 11Cèilidh Weekend 2015
October 7CIE CONNECTS: Financial Modeling
October 7Dietrich College Entrepreneurs Speaker Series: Javier Soltero
October 7NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Day
October 6Y Combinator Talk and Office Hours
October 6CyLab Research Talk: Empirical Investigations of Secure Development Practices
October 6 – October 8Boeing Events at CMU
October 5Kurt Thomas CyLab Distinguished Seminar
October 2CIT Pride Day
October 2Bill King MechE Department Seminar
October 1CIE CONNECTS: The Lean Startup
October 1New Hire Orientation
September 30Inaugural President's Town Hall
September 30Special Seminar: Customer and Competitor Discovery via Database Research
September 29Richard Levenson BME Department Seminar
September 29LaShanda Korley ChemE Department Seminar
September 28 – September 30Technical Opportunities Conference
September 25CONNECTS: The Business Model Canvas
September 25Jianmin Qu CEE Department Seminar: "Electro-Chemo-Mechanics of Solids"
September 24START SMART: Contract Basics
September 24 – September 253-D Printing's Radical Potential: What is #Additivism? Critical Perspectives on 3-D Printing
September 24Strategic Plan Update Meeting
September 24Marianthi Ierapetritou ChemE Department Seminar
September 23Refugees from the Syrian Crisis: Reflections on the Changing Needs and the International Response
September 23CMU Welcomes Richard Verma, U.S. Ambassador to India.
September 23Heinz College Leadership Speaker Series presents Grant Oliphant
September 23Lindsay Baxter EPP/EIC Seminar: "Untapped potential for hydropower in PA"
September 22GET REAL: Real-World Advice from Carnegie Mellon Mechanical Engineers
September 22Lingchong You BME Department Seminar
September 19CMU Welcomes Arun Kumar Singh, Indian Ambassador to the U.S.
September 18CMU Welcomes Arne Duncan and His "Ready for Success" Bus Tour
September 18CIE CONNECTS: Creating a Successful Student Business Team
September 18Jerry Griffin MechE Department Seminar
September 18Paul Westerhoff CEE Department Seminar: "The Future of Wastewater: From Biosolids to DeFacto Reuse"
September 18 – September 192015 Charles E. Kaufman Foundation Inaugural Symposium
September 17CIE CONNECTS: Evaluating a Good Idea
September 16Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Global Markets: Carnegie Bosch Institute Silver Anniversary Conference
September 15Stefanie Sydlik BME Department Seminar: "Towards Osteomimetic Graphene Oxide Composite Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration"
September 14David Brumley CyLab Seminar
September 12Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
September 11Austin Minnich MechE Department Seminar
September 9Whitney G. Colella EPP/EIC Seminar: "Next Generation Stationary and Vehicular Energy Systems for Addressing Key Environmental Challenges"
September 8Tanmay Lele BME Department Seminar: How the Cell Moves and Shapes the Nucleus
September 8 – September 10New Faculty Orientation
September 7Labor Day
September 4Zhenan Bao MSE Department Seminar: "Skin-Inspired Electronic Materials and Devices"
September 4Dave Dzombak CEE Department Seminar: Department Overview and Graduate Student Welcome Address
September 3New Hire Orientation
September 2Alliance of Leading Technical Institutes of Technology in Germany Presentation and Networking Event
September 1Matt Tirrell ChemE Department Seminar: "Polyelectrolytes in Multivalent Ionic Media: New Physics and New Materials"
August 31Classes Begin
August 28Info Session for James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellows Program
August 27Info Session for James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellows Program
August 25Panel Discussion: "Industry-Academic Partnerships: A New Global Era"
August 23 – August 30First Year Orientation 2015
August 21Info Session for James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellows Program
August 12Sunshot Catalyst Competition Jamathon @ CMU
August 11Pittsburgh Startup Global at CMU
August 10 – August 13OpenStack Certificate Workshop
August 6New Hire Orientation
July 22 – July 24Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security
July 8 – July 103D Microstructures Workshop
July 3Independence Day (observed)
June 24Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results
June 16BrainHub Lecture Series: The Discipline of Organizing
June 15 – June 1789th ACS Colloid & Surface Science Symposium 2015
June 10Off the Fence Speaker Series - Chuck Kennedy
June 10Making the Case for Your Research
June 10 – June 11Pathways to Health 10 Year Anniversary
June 5Innovating for Competitive Advantage Webinar Series
May 29Innovating for Competitive Advantage Webinar Series
May 20Brain Systems Modeling using Multimodal, Multiscale Constraints for Clinical Research and Diagnostic Support
May 17Commencement
May 13Still Too Slow: The Advancement of Women
May 13College of Engineering Center for Faculty Success Workshop for Department Heads and College Leaders
May 13College of Engineering Center for Faculty Success Workshop For Faculty Search Committee Chairs and Members
May 12LaunchCMU: The Business of Learning
May 12College of Engineering Center for Faculty Success Workshop For Faculty Members
May 8Smart Infrastructure Institute Symposium
May 6Morality Play Showcase Event
May 6Meeting of the Minds - Undergraduate Research Symposium
May 6Reading Day
May 1Cooperatively Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges
May 1I Am Not a Closet Candidate for Mayor: Marion Barry, Gay Liberalism and Post-Racial Politics in a Chocolate City, 1978-1983
May 1ECE Day
April 30Insurance for Startups
April 29Navigating Healthcare for the Older Adult
April 27The FBI: Safeguarding National Security
April 27Democratizing History Through Technology
April 27The FBI: Safeguarding National Security
April 25 – April 26CMU Summit 2015 Conference
April 24Free Legal Information at Project Olympus
April 23Start Smart: Social Enterprise
April 23Climate Change: Where We Are and What We Can Do About It
April 232015 Celebration of Education Awards Ceremony
April 23Feeding Barcelona
April 22Designing Effective Research Posters
April 22Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations
April 22Ebola: Panic or Pragmatic? Reflections and Lessons from a Crisis
April 22Annual Update from President Subra Suresh
April 22Do It Right the First Time (Setting Up Your Back Office)
April 22College of Engineering Center for Faculty Success Speaker Series: Valerie Young
April 21Deliberative Democracy Comes to Cuba
April 21An Evening with AlphaLab Gear
April 20John Cleater: In-Between Space
April 20Special NSF SBIR Webinar
April 18Panel Session: Women's Impact on Technology; Beyond Participation, Leading the Way
April 18Connected: How networks are transforming everything
April 18Panel Session: Emerging Technology
April 17 – April 18Spring Carnival
April 16Olympus Show & Tell 19
April 16Scott Institute Event: The Battery War
April 14The Deloitte Team Olympic USA Road Show
April 14Startup Personnel: Employees, Interns, Volunteers and Contractors
April 14Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting: International Studies
April 13Tiananmen Exiles: Voices of the Struggle for Democracy in China
April 9Uncertainty in Climate Change Research: An Integrated Approach
April 8Convertible Promissory Note: Understanding the Key Terms
April 7Three Minute Thesis Championship
April 4Carnegie Mellon University Venture Challenge
March 30Neither Here Nor There
March 30 – April 410th Annual Carnegie Mellon Conference on the Electricity Industry
March 27Innovating for Competitive Advantage Webinar Series
March 26McGinnis Venture Competition Live Round
March 25Improving the "Flow" of Your Writing
March 25Campus-Wide Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting
March 24VentureBridge: Company Formation Issues for Entrepreneurs
March 20CONNECTS: Sales Prospecting and Process
March 20Spring Bennett Conference and Reception
March 19START SMART: Protecting Your Company's IP
March 18Iran’s Nuclear Technology and Israel’s Security
March 18Learning to Predict: Studies of Neural Circuits in Fish and Flies
March 16Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting: Diversity
March 16Solar Geoengineering and Climate Change
March 9 – March 13Spring Break; No Classes
March 5Start Smart: Raising Capital (Part 2) Negotiating a Term Sheet
March 4CIE: Agile Product Development
March 3This Link is Broken: Communicating Effectively in a Global Environment
March 3VentureBridge: Essentials of Startup Financial Management
February 26Why Nature is Musical
February 26How to Buy an Ambassadorship
February 25CONNECTS: Splitting the Equity Pie
February 243-Minute Thesis: Qualifying Round
February 20 – February 22Hack-a-Startup
February 20Routes of Power: Energy Transitions Then and Now
February 20CONNECTS: Building and Growing an Entrepreneurial Team
February 19Faculty Workshops: Small Business Innovation Research 101
February 19Participatory Budgeting
February 19Peace in the Middle East: What’s the Deal?
February 18Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting: Transformative Teaching and Learning
February 18CONNECTS: Financial Modeling
February 17Osher Evening Lecture Series: Sleep Health
February 17Off The Fence Speaker Series Launch
February 17START SMART: Raising Capital (Part 1)
February 17Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting: Transformative Research, Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
February 16Breakthroughs in Imprint Lithography and 3D Additive Fabrication
February 16Discussion about the possibility of running an Innocence Project Institute
February 15A Darwin Day Celebration of Reason & Science
February 13 – February 15CMU Idea [Space] Competition
February 13Insurance for Startups: What Do I Need and When?
February 11Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting: The Transformative CMU Experience
February 11CIE: Lean Startup
February 11CMU-SV Distinguished Lecture Series: Vint Cerf
February 11 – February 132nd International Conference on Physiological Computing Systems-PhyCS 2015
February 10TheBridge: Marketing for Your Start-Up
February 10 – February 11Spring Employment Opportunities Conference (EOC)
February 9Cylab Seminar: Cranor
February 93rd Annual Energy Career Symposium
February 6ICES Webinar: George Lederman
February 5CIE Smart Start: Business Formation Seminar and Workshop
February 2Technology and Innovation
February 2A Panel on Music and Politics
January 30CIE: Making Things Here
January 30MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Paul Ohodnicki
January 29Latin America, The Unnoticed Giant South of the Border
January 29America Invents Act and its Impact on University Research
January 28Town Hall Meeting for Strategic Plan 2015
January 28International Data Privacy Day
January 27TheBridge – An Entrepreneurship Experience at Silicon Valley
January 26Town Hall Meeting Concerning Scott Hall
January 26Cylab Seminar: Gilgor
January 22College of Engineering Staff Recognition Awards Luncheon and Ceremony
January 20Wabtec Information Session
January 16MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Anand Bhattacharya
January 15For This, Be All Thy Sins Forgiven
January 12Classes Begin
December 152015 McGinnis Venture Competition
February 9Career Symposium
January 21Health 2.0 Pittsburgh