Carnegie Mellon Engineering

2013 Events

December 13 – December 13CIT Holiday Party
December 11Reading Day
December 9McGinnis Venture Competition 2014 Deadline
December 6MechE Seminar: Srinivasan
December 6Last Day of Classes
December 6Carnegie Mellon | Portugal: Workshop on Communicating Science with the Media
December 5BME Workshop Featuring Steel City Improv Actors
December 3BME Seminar: Kalaska
December 3ChemE Seminar: Koros
November 27 – November 29Thanksgiving Holiday; No Classes
November 22CEE Seminar: Ingraffea
November 22Interactive Social Innovation Showcase
November 22MechE Seminar: Bajaj
November 22Social Entrepreneur Luncheon
November 21ECE Seminar: Robinson
November 21ECE Seminar: Robinson
November 21Startup Job Fair
November 21ChemE Seminar: Ristenpart
November 20Think Like An Angel
November 19Start Smart Seminar: Protecting Your Company's Intellectual Property
November 19BME Seminar: Chilkoti
November 18Elevator Pitch Competition
November 18CyLab Seminar: Rhodes
November 18 – November 22Spring 2014 Registration Week
November 15Opportunities and Challenges in Energy and Climate
November 14ChemE Seminar: Hasebe
November 14Entrepreneurship Workshops: The Legal Needs of a Startup
November 14 – November 15Crossing Boundaries, Transforming Lives: Subra Suresh's Inauguration
November 14Elevator Pitch Workshop (Pre-Event to GEW)
November 13Launch CMU: A Research & Entrepreneurial Showcase Event
November 12BME Seminar: Gore
November 12Creative, Insightful Training: Proposal Budget Development
November 11Annual Children's Food Drive
November 8MechE Seminar: Fan
November 8Carnegie Mellon | Portugal: Workshop on Communicating Science with the Media
November 7A Lecture by President Subra Suresh: The Study of Human Diseases at the Intersections of Engineering, Sciences and Medicine
November 7Defense Challenges of the Next Decade
November 5BME Seminar: Batista
November 5Information Session: SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering (JIE)
November 4CyLab Seminar: Sadeh
November 1MechE Seminar: Simpson
November 1Special Connects Workshop: Creating a Successful Video
October 31CIT Freshman Halloween Party
October 30CIT Public Speaking Workshop
October 30Creative, Insightful Training: CIT Purchasing and BTE Refresher Course
October 29BME Seminar: Whitehead
October 29ChemE Seminar: Shell
October 28EPFL Paid Research Internship Discussion
October 28CyLab Seminar: Jia
October 28 – October 29Internationalization, Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Exchange
October 25CEE Seminar: Hughes
October 25MechE Seminar: Elliott
October 23Dowd-ICES Fellowship Seminar
October 22BME Seminar: Demirci
October 22ChemE Seminar: Achenie
October 22 – October 242013 Executive Women's Forum National Conference
October 195K Clean Air Dash Community Health: Air Pollution in Pittsburgh Mobile Lab
October 18Pittsburgh Startup Weekend
October 18Mid-Semester Break; No Classes
October 17ECE Seminar
October 17ChemE Seminar: Savage
October 16CIT Town Hall Meeting: Vice President for Research (Session #2)
October 16CIT Town Hall Meeting: Vice President for Research (Session #1)
October 15BME Seminar: Regev
October 15Game Theory and The Humanities
October 14Democracy and Intrastate Conflicts
October 11Carnegie Mellon | Portugal: Workshop on Communicating Science with the Media
October 10ECE Seminar: Schlesinger
October 10Andy Awards
October 10ChemE CHEGSA Symposium
October 8BME Seminar: Levchenko
October 7CyLab Seminar: Cranor
October 4CEE Seminar: Miller
October 4MechE Seminar: Zhang
October 4Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student Session
October 3ECE Seminar: Mitra
October 3ChemE Seminar: Whitacre
October 2 – October 52013 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
October 1BME Seminar: Soletti
October 1 – October 2Carnegie Mellon CyLab Partners Conference
September 27CEE Seminar: Noh
September 27CONNECTS Workshop: Value Designer Canvas
September 27INI Ceilidh Book Signing and Reception
September 27ChemE Lab Dedication in Memory of Gary J. Powers
September 27The Limits on American Intervention: Lessons from Afghanistan
September 27CIT Town Hall Meeting: CMU-Rwanda and CMU-SV Only
September 26CIT Town Hall Meeting: ECE, ICES and INI
September 26 – September 28Cèilidh Weekend
September 26CIT Town Hall Meeting: ChemE and MSE
September 24BME Seminar: Bryers
September 24CIT Town Hall Meeting: Junior Faculty Only
September 23CyLab Seminar: Holistic Privacy, from Location Privacy to Genome Privacy
September 21CMUSV at 2013 Palo Alto Quakeville
September 20CEE Seminar: Guikema
September 20CIT Town Hall Meeting: CIT Students
September 20CIT Town Hall Meeting: CIT Staff
September 20CIT Pride Day
September 19CIT Town Hall Meeting: MechE and BME
September 17 – September 18Technical Opportunities Conference
September 16BME Seminar: Bissell
September 16Biomechanics Day
September 13CIT Town Hall Meeting: CEE and EPP
September 13Bringing Ideas Across the Valley of Death: The Role of SBIR
September 12ECE Seminar: Rhoads
September 10BME Seminar: Choset
September 8Annual CEE Canoe Trip
September 6Resources for Entrepreneurship for Faculty
September 5ECE Seminar: Shur
August 30INI Orientation Boat Cruise
August 30CEE Seminar: Dzombak
August 28 – August 20CMU-R Seminar: Engineering the Microarchitecture of Amaranth Leaves Post-Harvest to Optimize Nutrient Bioavailability
August 27BME Seminar: Parwani
August 26Semester Classes Begin
August 22 – August 23CEE New Graduate Student Orientation
August 21McGraw Hill Construction Webinar About Oil and Gas Production from Shale
August 21 – August 23INI Orientation
August 18 – August 25First-Year Orientation
August 13Portland Alumni Reception with Dean Garrett
August 12 – August 15University-wide Graduate Student Orientation
August 10Silicon Valley 4th Annual Technology Showcase & Alumni Reception
July 30America Invents Act: What It Means for You
July 26America Invents Act: What It Means for You
July 25America Invents Act: What It Means for You
July 24 – July 26Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS)
July 24 – July 313rd Lisbon Machine Learning School
July 22America Invents Act: What It Means for You
July 18ICES' Summer Engineering Experience for Girls Event
July 16America Invents Act: What It Means for You
July 9Creative, Insightful Training: Budget Basics
July 8 – July 12CERT Training: Information Security for Technical Staff
July 5 – July 12VISUM 2013: VISion Understanding and Machine Intelligence Summer Classes
June 27E3 Forum 2013
June 25Creative, Insightful Training: The Art of Time Management
June 25 – June 27Carnegie Mellon | Portugal: StudECE 2013
June 20Carnegie Mellon| Portugal: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop
June 17Scouting for Engineers
June 11 – June 13CERT Training: Managing Enterprise Information Security
June 9 – June 11Steinbrenner Institute's 11th Annual Environmental Media Fellowships
May 30Natural Disasters & Terrorism: Strategies for Protecting Critical Services and Infrastructure
May 28Creative, Insightful Training: Advanced PowerPoint Concepts
May 28Creative, Insightful Training: Advanced Excel Concepts
May 20 – May 24CERT Training: Applied Cybersecurity, Incident Response and Forensics
May 19Commencement
May 16GOINI Picnic
May 15SIGSOFT Influential Educator Award Recipient Tony Wasserman to Give ACM Talk
May 14CMUSV Information Session
May 14Career Panel About Job Opportunities in Energy Industry
May 13Showcase of New Approaches in Culinary Mechanics
May 13 – May 17CERT Training: Fundamentals of Incident Handling
May 10 – May 12XIV PAPS Forum: “PAPS: Bringing Portugal to New Heights”
May 10BME Presentation of Prototypes of Medical Products
May 10Policy Briefing About Better Management of Renewable Energy Sources
May 8Reading Day
May 4Reading Day
May 3MSE Seminar: Fournelle
May 2BME Seminar: Sbalzarini
April 30CMUSV Information Session
April 30BME Seminar: Lin
April 29Cylab Seminar: Addressing Intractable Optimization and Verification Problems in Access Control
April 26CEE Seminar: Sharma
April 26Annual WINI Thank You Reception
April 26MechE Distinguished Lecture Seminar: Michalek
April 26MSE Seminar: Levy
April 25ECE Seminar: Mitter
April 23BME Seminar: Merryman
April 23ChemE Seminar: Hoagland
April 22Cylab Seminar: Analyzing the Privacy and Security Behaviors of Smartphone Apps
April 22 – April 26Fall 2013 Registration Week
April 20MechE Alumni Lunch & Lab Tours - Spring Carnival 2013
April 20CMU Silicon Valley: Carnival 2013
April 19Alumni Carnival Happy Hour
April 19 – May 2BME 10-Year Anniversary Celebration
April 19Annual CIT Carnival Brunch
April 19The Bennett Conference
April 18 – April 20Spring Carnival
April 16BME Seminar: Gorbach
April 16Working with Technology
April 16ChemE Seminar: Bentley
April 15CyLab Seminar: Acquisti
April 15Summer 2013 Registration Begins
April 12MechE Seminar: Malen
April 12MSE Seminar: Chang-Beom
April 12MPD 10th Anniversary
April 11ECE Seminar: Coleman
April 9BME Seminar: Horowitz
April 9Carnegie Mellon | Portugal: A Framework for Structural Input/Output and Control Configuration Selection of Large-Scale Systems
April 9ChemE Seminar: Laird
April 8Cylab Seminar: The Middlebox Manifesto, Enabling Innovation in Middlebox Deployment
April 7 – April 9Engineering Sustainability 2013: Innovation and the Triple Bottom Line
April 5Open House for Accepted Students
April 4ECE Seminar: HAMR & the Hard Disk Drive Industry
April 4 – April 6MechE Grad Open House
April 4Shale Gas: Implications for America's Regional Manufacturing Economies
April 2BME Seminar: Brown
April 2Child Identity Theft Webinar
April 1CyLab Seminar: Rowe
March 29Green & Global: Starting Local
March 29CEE Seminar: Russell
March 29MechE Seminar: Shao-Horn
March 28ECE Seminar: Spanos
March 27Creative, Insightful Training: Introduction to Sponsored Research Administration
March 26BME Seminar: Wirtz
March 26ChemE Seminar: Bakshi
March 25CyLab Seminar: Maughan
March 22CEE Seminar: Rajagopal
March 22MSE Seminar: Vlassopoulous
March 21ECE Seminar: Romberg
March 19MechE Junior Dinner
March 19BME Seminar: Mitchell
March 18CyLab Seminar: Xu
March 15MechE Seminar: Posner
March 12Network Boston
March 11 – March 15Spring Break
March 8Graduate Symposium
March 8Mid-Semester Break
March 7Network D.C.
March 7Particulate Air Pollution and Human Health: Science, Controversy, and Public Policy
March 5Signal Processing in Bioimaging
March 5ChemE Bayer Seminar: Gani
March 4Seer Community Event -- Dickson Prize
March 4CyLab Seminar: Zhang
March 4 – March 8CERT Training: Information Security for Technical Staff
March 3TEDxCMU
March 1CEE Annual Talent Show
March 1CEE Professional Development Seminar: Jones
March 1MechE Seminar: Sederberg
March 1MSE Seminar: Pan
February 28ECE Seminar: Vision & Learning for Active Safety
February 26Imagine the Conversation
February 26BME Seminar: Dinu
February 26ChemE Seminar: Ristenpart
February 25CyLab Seminar: Perdisci
February 25 – March 1CERT Training: Malware Analysis Apprenticeship
February 25 – March 1RSA Conference
February 22CIT-CBC: Build.Compete.Win
February 22Film Screening: Danube Hospital
February 22MSE Seminar: Briber
February 21Lecture: We are What We Eat... and What We Build – Designing Healthy Communities
February 21ChemE Seminar: Schroeder
February 19BME Seminar: Cook
February 18CyLab Seminar: Lin
February 16CEE Annual Ski Trip to Hidden Valley
February 15MechE Seminar: McGaughey
February 15MSE Seminar: Haile
February 14ECE Seminar: Stadler
February 14ChemE Seminar: Gounaris
February 13Boeing Day 2013
February 12BME Seminar: Bassette
February 11CIT First-Year Professional Development Event: Negotiating and Networking
February 11CyLab Seminar: Cohen
February 11T-SET Transportation Center Seminar Series
February 8MSE Seminar: Huey
February 5Ryan Turner Gives a Talk on "Effects of Wifi Internet Usage on Academic Performance in a University Setting"
February 5 – February 6Spring 2012 Employment Opportunities Conference
February 4BME Seminar: Bumb
February 4CyLab Seminar: Traynor
February 1CEE Seminar: Maloney
February 1GSAC Forum
January 29BME Seminar: Yang
January 28CMU Culture Town Hall
January 28Data Privacy Day: Panel Discussion
January 28CyLab Seminar: Keromytis
January 28Startup Trek
January 25MechE Distinguished Lecture Seminar: Howell
January 22Alumni Startup Poof! Launch Event
January 22BME Seminar: Federspiel
January 21CyLab Seminar: Sinopoli
January 21Inaugural Symposium "Carnegie Mellon | Portugal: An Entrepreneurial University-Industry Ecosystem in ICT"
January 21Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 18Build18
January 15BME Seminar: Mace
January 14CyLab Seminar: Dumitras
January 14Semester Classes Begin
January 9INI Network Silicon Valley
January 8BME Seminar: Song
January 4Nomination Deadline: Steven Fenves Systems Research Award