Carnegie Mellon Engineering

2012 Events

December 17Dual Degree Professional Master Students Present their Capstone Projects
December 12Reading Day
December 10CyLab Seminar: David Brumley
December 10MechE Design Expo
December 10ICES: IBM Local Interest Group Meeting
December 7ICES Holiday Party
December 7Carnegie Mellon's Naval ROTC Unit To Honor World War II Veterans Killed at Pearl Harbor
December 7MSE Seminar: TBA
December 6ECE Seminar: TBD
December 6BME Seminar: Chelsea Kirschner
December 62012 INI Holiday Party: Hawaiian Luau
December 4BME Seminar: Warren Grill
December 4Shiv Nadar Professorship in Engineering Reception
December 3CyLab Seminar: Limin Jia
November 30Community Building Committee: Take a Break
November 30GOINI Tree Trimming
November 30INI Fall Town Hall Meeting
November 30MechE Seminar: Anette (Peko) Hosoi
November 30MSE Seminar: Catherine Jenkins
November 27BME Seminar: Michael Horowitz
November 27ChemE Seminar: Matthew Neurock
November 26INI MSIT Meeting
November 26CyLab Seminar: Hyong Kim
November 20WINI/GOINI Thanksgiving Potluck
November 19Dowd-ICES Seminar
November 16MechE Distinguished Lecture: Zdenek Bazant
November 16Toys for Tots Kickoff Event
November 16MSE Seminar: Heuer
November 15 – November 16Conference and Research Workshop: “User Innovation - A Paradigm Shift”
November 15ECE Seminar: Eilyan Bitar
November 15ChemE Seminar: Michael Harold
November 13BME Seminar: Mehmet Toner
November 12CyLab Seminar: Marcus Ranum
November 12 – November 16Global Entrepreneurship Week
November 12Carnegie Mellon's Naval ROTC Unit Flag-Raising Ceremony Honoring Veterans
November 9CEE Professional Development Seminar: Grama Bhashyam
November 9MechE Seminar: Jonathan Posner
November 9MSE Seminar: Fennie
November 8ECE Seminar: Amit Lal
November 8ChemE Distinguished Research Lecture: Julio M. Ottino
November 6BME Seminar: Alex Mogilner
November 5CyLab Seminar: TBA
November 4 – November 53rd Annual DMI Workshop: Making Smart Communities Resilient
November 2MSE Seminar: Xudong Wang
November 1CIT First-Year Research Information Session
November 1ECE Seminar: Oskar Painter
October 31Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation: Connect with Pittsburgh
October 30BME Seminar: Richard Dickinson
October 29CyLab Seminar: Lujo Bauer
October 28Chem-E-Car Competition
October 26MSE Seminar: Donald Brown
October 25ECE Seminar: Boris Defourny
October 25Meet, Mix, and Mingle (M3)
October 25SAE Event: Kibble for Kitties
October 25ChemE Seminar: Eric S.G. Shaqfeh
October 24ECE Back to Basics Colloquium: Marta Castilho Gomes
October 23BME Seminar: Edward Leonard
October 23 – October 24Spark: Startups and Emerging Companies
October 22CyLab Seminar: Lorrie Cranor
October 20CyLab Research Talk: Richard Clayton
October 19Deadline for TEDxCMU 2013: Student Speaker Competition
October 19MechE Seminar: Chris Dames
October 18Network New York
October 18 – October 20Real World Engineering: Pittsburgh
October 18ECE Seminar: Petros Boufounos
October 16Panel Discussion: Health, Habitat, and History
October 16BME Seminar: Peter Basser
October 16Special ECE Seminar: Gil Alterovitz
October 16SCS Distinguished Lecture: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data
October 16Andy Awards Celebration
October 15CyLab Seminar: Christopher Burgess
October 12Screening of Code 2600
October 12CEE Professional Development Seminar: Christopher Kelly
October 12CyLab Seminar: Code 2600
October 12MSE Seminar: Harold Wang
October 12IBM Smarter Cities Closing Session
October 12Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Student Orientation in Portugal
October 11Washington Speaker Series: Engineering a Better World
October 11ECE Seminar: Bryan Parno
October 11Fall Employment Opportunities Conference
October 11Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Campus Virtual Information Session
October 11Women in Technology Talk
October 11ChemE Seminar: Patrick T. Underhill
October 10Zynga Tech Talk
October 9BME Seminar: Yadong Wang
October 8Lecture: Re-thinking Water Quality, Policy, and Health – An Elemental Approach
October 8CyLab Seminar: Nicolas Christin
October 5CEE Seminar: Jaehong Kim
October 4ECE Seminar: Duncan Callaway
October 4ChemE and BME Seminar: Jordan J. Green
October 4 – October 7Cèilidh: Homecoming, Family Weekend and International Festival
October 3DSLID Session: Academic Preparedness
October 3CIT First-Year Professional Networking Event
October 3 – October 6Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
October 2Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Campus Information Sessions
October 2 – October 4INI Executive Women's Forum 2012: Managing Current & Future Risks Globally
October 2 – October 3Carnegie Mellon CyLab Partners Conference
October 1DSLID Session: Bicoastal MSIT Programs
October 1Photojournalism Excellence Award
October 1PITA Call for Proposals Deadline
September 29GOINI Happy Hour
September 28Talk about Privacy: Preserving Speech and Audio Processing
September 28MSE Seminar: Oana Cazacu
September 27ECE Seminar: Ed Schlesinger
September 27CEE Career Fair
September 26Imperfect Health Presentation: Air quality, regional pollution exposure, & the Marcellus Shale
September 25BME Seminar: James Jordan
September 24CyLab Seminar: Virgil Gligor
September 21Imperfect Health: A Conversation with Iwan Baan
September 21WINI Ice Cream Social in Pittsburgh
September 21Seminar: Janel Miller
September 21Powerhouse Symposium To Preview Energy Institute
September 21CIT Pride Day
September 21WINI Ice Cream Social in Silicon Valley
September 21MechE Seminar: Andy Ruina
September 21MSE Seminar: Edwin Kramer
September 21ChemE Seminar: Oliver J. Smith, IV
September 20ECE Seminar: Gian Piazza
September 20ChemE Seminar: George Stephanopoulos
September 19The Fourth Estate Series: Presidential Campaign Coverage in the Time of Twitter
September 19Media Panel: Presidential Coverage In the Time of Twitter
September 18BME Seminar: Alan Russell
September 17CyLab Seminar: Yih-Chun Hu
September 16CEE Annual Canoe Trip - Hazelbakers
September 14Imperfect Health: The Medicalization of Architecture, Opening Night
September 14Imperfect Health: Exhibition Tour with the Curators
September 14MechE Seminar: Ross Morrow
September 14MSE Seminar: Krishna Rajan
September 13Seminar by White House Deputy Director for the Domestic Policy Council
September 13ECE Seminar: TBD
September 13ChemE Seminar: Alan Russell
September 13Business Opportunities Conference 2012
September 12CEIC Seminar: The Pecan Street Project
September 11BME Seminar: Paul Janmey
September 11SAE Race Team Thank You Event for Clairton Police Officer James Kuzak Jr.
September 11 – September 12Technical Opportunities Conference 2012
September 10CyLab Research Talk: Jeremiah Blocki
September 10RAMP Call for Proposals Deadline
September 9Applications Due for Real World Engineering: Pittsburgh
September 7MechE Sophomore Luncheon
September 6Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Orientation Day at CMU's Pittsburgh Campus
September 4CMUSV TOCS: Bernard Steffen
August 30INI Orientation Boat Cruise
August 27Semester & Mini-1 Classes Begin
August 24CMUSV Fall Orientation
August 23CEE New Graduate Student Orientation
August 23INI Orientation
August 19 – August 26First Year Orientation 2012
August 18Improv: Movement and Leadership
August 14Be the Change: Patterns of Organizational Change
August 12CMUSV Graduation Celebration
August 11CMUSV's 3rd Annual Technology Showcase & Alumni Picnic
July 27CyLab Research Talk: Illumination Invariant Face Recognition using Gamma Normalization and Sobel Edge Detection
July 19Nyberg Seminar about Deeper Q&A: CMU, Watson, and the Open Advancement of Question Answering
July 19 – July 25Second Lisbon Machine Learning School: "Taming the Social Web"
July 17ECE Seminar: End-User Centric Research for Smarter and Safer Cities
July 16 – July 27SEE Program
July 14ECE and SCS Alumni Networking Luncheon in San Francisco, CA
July 12Symposium on Climate Change and Health
July 11 – July 13Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS) 2012
July 8ECE and SCS Alumni Networking Luncheon in Seattle, WA
July 7ECE and SCS Alumni Networking Luncheon in San Diego, CA
July 2Summer Session Two: All Classes Begin
June 28 – June 29First Ph.D. Students Conference in Electrical and Computer Engineering (StudECE)
June 25Scouting for Engineers
June 23ECE and SCS Alumni Networking Luncheon in Boston, MA
June 21DSSC Special Seminar: Caroline Ross
June 20IEEE Distinguished Lecture: Gerrit Bauer
June 19CyLab Research Talk: The Persistence of Passwords and Evaluating Authentication Alternatives
June 17 – June 19College of Engineering Information Technology Media Fellowship
June 10 – June 1210th Anniversary of Environmental Media Fellowships for National Journalists
June 9Silicon Valley Campus Celebrates 10 Years of Developing Software Leaders
June 4International Conference on Aluminum Alloys
May 29TOCS / ILSS Executive Speaker Series Event: International Space Station (ISS) Utilization for Technology Incubation and Commercialization
May 24Washington Speakers Series: The Controversial Science of Climate Engineering
May 21 – May 22Workshop: “Startup Funding: Streamlining Venture Capitalists and Business Angels”
May 21Summer Session One: All Classes Begin
May 19 – May 20Commencement Weekend
May 15 – May 17CERT: Managing Enterprise Information Security: A Practical Approach for Achieving Defense-in-Depth
May 11Martins Ph.D. Defense
May 10ExecMSIA Information Session
May 10BME Seminar: TEDMED Simulcast Week
May 10CMUSV Information Session
May 9CBC Presents: CIT Graduation Banquet
May 9Reading Day
May 8M2M Forum Comes to CMU
May 8Annual PSII Partner Meeting & Symposium
May 7Senior Design Expo
May 7First International Workshop on Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
May 7 – May 11CERT: Advanced Incident Handling
May 4CEE Goes to the Ballpark: PNC Park Pirates T-Shirt Night
May 4CEE Department Seminar: TBA
May 4MSE Departmental Seminar Series: Naomi Halas
May 4ECE Day
May 3 – May 30ECE Seminar: Ali Sayed
May 3The Distinguished Lecture Series in Environmental Science, Technology and Policy: Prosaic Disasters
May 3rECEarch Showcase by HKN
May 3Creating a Common Operating Picture for Bay Area Response and Recovery
May 26th Annual GBMES Distinguished Speaker Symposium: Discussions at the Interface of Nature and Technology
May 2Infrastructure Interdependencies Workshop II – Interdependent Essential Goods and Service Providers
April 30The Distinguished Lecture Series in Environmental Science, Technology and Policy: The Global Environment and Human History Since 1900
April 30CyLab Seminar: TBD
April 27CEE Department Seminar: Use of Natural Zeolites to Restore Contaminated Groundwater at Nuclear Facilities
April 27MechE Seminar: Thermal Transport and Thermoelectric Energy Conversion in Nanostructured and Complex Materials
April 27MSE Departmental Seminar Series: Jeff Brinker
April 26ECE Seminar: Anirudh Devgan
April 26SEER Environmental Expo
April 26SEER Environmental Expo
April 25Celebration of Education Award Ceremony
April 25Getting Cyber Security Policy Right
April 25CEIC Seminar Series: Regulatory Fragmentation in the US Electricity Industry – Perspectives and Insights from the Regulated
April 24BME Seminar
April 24IEEE Distinguished Lecture: Masahiro Yamaguchi
April 23CyLab Seminar: Enabling Secure Mobile Disaster Communications
April 21ECE/SCS Alumni "Look Who's Here" Spring Carnival Reception
April 21Carnival West 2012
April 20CEE Alumni Reception at Spring Carnival
April 20MechE Seminar: UCI Liquid Film Miniature Combustor
April 20CIT Alumni Carnival Brunch
April 19Pittsburgh Conference Lectures
April 19ISTC-EC Seminar Series: Robotic Manipulation of Deformable Objects
April 19CyLab Seminar: Evaluating Mobile Smartphone Security – The First Four Years
April 19ChemE Seminar: Current Energy Trends Highlight the Need for Development of Advanced Carbon Management Techniques
April 19 – April 21Spring Carnival
April 17BME Seminar
April 17The Distinguished Lecture Series in Environmental Science, Technology and Policy: “Climate Modeling, Societal Impacts, and Environmental Justice”
April 16CyLab Seminar: TBD
April 16CyLab Seminar: Privacy by Design for our Technology and Our Future - Why the Future Still Needs Us
April 14ExecMSIA Talks on TechVibe Radio
April 14Moving 4th into Engineering
April 13Bio, Energy, Nano (BEN) Building CIT Town Hall Meeting
April 13CEE Professional Development Seminar: Geotechnical Considerations in the Rebuild of Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Dam
April 13Annual WINI Thank You Reception
April 13INI Spring Town Hall Meeting
April 13MechE Seminar: Biologically-Inspired Design of Smart Structures with Novel Fluid Dynamic Kinematics
April 13MSE Departmental Seminar Series: William Gerberich
April 12What is Innovation...Really?
April 12ECE Seminar: John Lygeros
April 11CEIC Seminar: Is there a future for Coal Gasification (Clean Coal Technology)?
April 10ExecMSIA Information Session
April 10BME Seminar: TEDMED Simulcast Week
April 10EPP Seminar: Exploring the Future of the Automobile in the USA with ATEAM and
April 10ChemE Seminar: Computational and Process Systems Approaches to Resolving the TGF-ß Paradox in Cancer
April 9CEE Graduate Student Fun Fest
April 9CyLab Seminar: Enhancing Physical Unclonable Function Reliability via Post
April 6CEE Professional Development Seminar: TBA
April 6MSE Departmental Seminar Series: Darrell Schlom
April 5Big Data Management for Energy and Smart Grid: Creating the Real-Time Utility Enterprise
April 5ECE Seminar: Speaker TBD
April 5ExecMSIA Info Session
April 3BME Seminar
April 3ChemE Seminar: Nanoparticle Composites – Where the Rubber Meets the Road
April 2Carnegie Mellon Engineering Leadership Speaker Series
April 2CyLab Seminar: Supply Chain Security – Do you know who your insiders are?
March 30CEE Department Seminar: Seismic Radiation from Earthquakes and Brittle Rock Damage in the Crust
March 30MechE Seminar: Chemical Looping Technology and CO2 Capture
March 30ChemE Seminar: Chemical Looping Technology & CO2 Capture
March 30INI Open House for Accepted Students
March 30 – April 1Environment Today: Green Design and Garbage (Waste)
March 29ECE Seminar: Jim Thorp
March 29ISTC-EC Seminar Series: Challenges and Opportunities in Automotive Computing
March 28A Regulator's Perspective on Nuclear Power in a Post–Fukushima World
March 28 – April 1National Society of Black Engineers' Convention
March 27BME Seminar
March 27ExecMSIA Info Session on Campus
March 26CyLab Seminar: New Software Security Research Directions
March 25ECE and SCS Alumni Networking Brunch in Austin, Texas
March 23MSE Departmental Seminar Series: Brian Beebe
March 22Imagine the Conversation
March 22ECE Seminar: Subramanian Iyer
March 20BME Seminar
March 20LTI Present Project Research
March 20 – March 2333rd Annual IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
March 19CyLab Seminar: SafeSlinger, Applied Ad-hoc Smartphone Trust Establishment
March 15 – March 15Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Career Fair
March 12Jay Apt in Qatar: "Energy, What's Next?"
March 9MSE Departmental Seminar Series: Graduate Symposium
March 9 – March 16Spring Break
March 8ECE Seminar: Vincent Poor
March 7Heinz Convocation: Information Technology and Effective Government
March 5ECE Seminar: Marilyn Wolf
March 4TEDxCMU 2012
March 2CEE Annual Talent Show
March 2MechE Seminar: Interfacial Transport and Mechanics at the Microscale
March 2MSE Departmental Seminar Series: Yury Gogotsy
March 1ECE Seminar: Puneet Gupta
February 27CyLab Seminar: TBD
February 24CEE Department Seminar: Infrastructure Management Under Today's Constraints: How Analytics Can Help Us Do More with Less
February 24MechE Seminar: Transport Phenomena in Porous Electrodes
February 24MSE Departmental Seminar Series: Philip Kim
February 23ECE Seminar: Marija Ilic
February 23NASA Astronaut Catherine "Cady" Coleman Talk
February 22CyLab Research Talk: Integrity and Consistency for Untrusted Services
February 20CyLab Seminar: Verifying the Integrity of Peripherals' Firmware
February 17CIT Casino Night
February 17MechE Seminar: Thermal Transport and Thermoelectric Energy Conversion in Nanostructured and Complex Materials
February 17CyLab Seminar: TBD
February 17MSE Departmental Seminar Series: TBA
February 17 – February 18National Engineers Week
February 16ECE Seminar: Georges Gielen
February 13TechSpark
February 10Carnegie Mellon | Portugal International Company Showcase
February 10MSE Departmental Seminar Series: Hyung Ju Ryu
February 9ECE Seminar: Konrad Koerding
February 9CMU IBM Local Interest Group Meeting
February 8 – February 9Spring Employment Opportunities Conference
February 6CyLab Seminar: Business Risks Forum
February 5University Lecture Series: Pursuing Memories-Lessons in Research, Innovation and Leadership in Academia and Industry
February 3Herb Toor Memorial Service
February 3MechE Seminar: MEMS Instruments for Mechanical and Interfacial Property Studies
February 3MSE Departmental Seminar Series: Mark Hersam
February 2University Lecture Series: Why Technology?
February 2ECE Seminar: Danilo Erricolo
January 30CyLab Seminar: The Internet in Intelligence and Investigations
January 30MSE Departmental Seminar Series: Alberto Fernandez De Las Nieves
January 28Annual CEE Ski Trip
January 27CEE Department Seminar
January 27MSE Departmental Seminar Series: John Allison
January 26ECE Seminar: Lorrie Cranor
January 23The Onion
January 23CyLab Seminar: A Very Short Course on Secure Programming in Java
January 20 – January 20Build 18 Project Showcase
January 17The Innovators Forum: Tapscott
January 16CyLab Seminar: When Friendship Isn't Enough
January 16Semester & Mini-3 Classes Begin
January 14CyLab Seminar: When Friendship Isn't Enough
January 12Network Seattle
January 10Network Silicon Valley
January 9Network Boston
December 7Sargento Gives a Talk about 'Self-Organizing Networks: A Path to Intelligent Networks'
December 5BME Annual Bioimage & Biosignal Processing Day