Carnegie Mellon Engineering


December 27TOCS: CMSV
December 22Ruby (and Rails) Meeting at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley
December 20TOCS: CMSV
December 15CEE Pancake Breakfast
December 14Reading Day
December 13 – December 18Dual Degree Portugal Students Present Work
December 13TOCS: CMSV
December 10ECE/SCS Alumni Holiday Brunch
December 9MSE Seminar: "Size and Time Dependent Mechanis of Polymeric Nanofibers"
December 8ECE Seminar: Speaker TBD
December 7EPP Seminar: How Government Works
December 6BME Seminar: Andrew Laine
December 6TOCS: A New Assault on the Language Divide by Alex Waibel
December 5CyLab Seminar: Auditing in an Incomplete and Imperfect World
December 2CEE Department Seminar
December 2GOINI Tree Trimming Party
December 2MSE Seminar: "The Chicken or the Egg: Basic Materials Research and New Technology"
December 2 – December 4VideoJogos 2011: 4th Annual Conference in Science and Art of Video Games
December 1ECE Seminar: Linda Milor
December 1CEE Professional Development Seminar
November 29BME Seminar: Speaker TBA
November 29ILSS Speaker Series "Blueprinting For the Cloud" by Willem-Jan van den Heuvel
November 28CyLab Seminar: Perspectives on the Perspectives Project--Three Years of Improving SSL Security
November 24Ruby (and Rails) Meeting at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley
November 22TOCS: Everything You Know (About Parallel Programming) Is Wrong!: A Wild Screed About the Future
November 22When it Rains: Pittsburgh Water Management & Infrastructure Panel
November 21Dowd Fellowship Seminar
November 21CyLab Seminar: Cloud Security: New Challenges, New Opportunities
November 17ECE Seminar: Speaker TBD
November 16ICTI Student Research Presentation Luncheon
November 15BME Seminar: SuPing Lyu
November 14Seminar: Topic TBD
November 14 – November 18Registration for Spring Classes
November 10ECE Seminar: Michael Flynn
November 10 – November 122011 Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Project Review
November 8BME Seminar: Speaker TBA
November 8ChemE Seminar: Dr. Ray Gorte
November 7Seminar: Online Crime
November 4INI Town Hall Meeting
November 4Toys for Tots Kick-Off
November 3ECE Seminar: Paris Smaragdis
November 3CMU Innovator's Forum: A Conversation with Biotech Entrepreneur Dr. Jonathan Rothberg
November 3WaterQuest Second Annual Research Symposium
November 2CIT First-Year Research Information Session
November 2EPP Seminar: How Government Works
November 1BME Seminar: Speaker TBA
November 1ChemE Seminar: Dr. Kevin Dorfman
October 31On the Security and Usability of Text-Based Passwords
October 30CEE Alumni Awards Brunch
October 27Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award Honoree Lecture
October 27ECE Seminar: Richard Vuduc
October 27Stress & Procrastination Workshop
October 27Minor in Neural Computation Information Session
October 27ChemE Seminar: Dr. Raj Chakrabarti
October 27 – October 30Cèilidh: Homecoming, Family Weekend, and International Festival
October 27International Workshop on Mobile Security
October 25BME Seminar: Erin Lavik
October 24Meet, Mix, and Mingle
October 24Seminar: Top Website Vulnerabilities: Trends, Business Effects and How to Fight
October 24Business Risks Forum: Top Website Vulnerabilities - Trends, Business Effects and How to Fight
October 24 – October 27MobiCASE 2011 (International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services)
October 22MEGSO Kennywood Fright Night
October 21PSII Lunch Talk: Rick Bullotta
October 21 – October 23Art && Code 3D Conference
October 20ECE Seminar: Samu Taulu
October 20IBM Centennial Celebration Lecture, A Business and Its Ideas: Reinventing the Modern Corporation
October 19Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley On-Campus Information Session
October 19ECE IEEE Tech/Career Talks: Sypris Electronics
October 19Shutterbug Award: Focusing on Excellence
October 18BME Seminar: Doug Weber
October 18ECE IEEE Tech/Career Talks: Infinera
October 17Seminar: Auditing in an Incomplete and Imperfect World
October 17CyLab Seminar: Sensor Andrew
October 15HACK U - HACK PITCH!
October 13ECE Seminar: Sanjit Mitra
October 13Fixing the Sky: Rube Goldberg Meets Dr. Strangelove
October 13Information Session: A*STAR Singapore Program
October 12ECE IEEE Tech/Career Talks: Eaton Corporation
October 12Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Virtual Information Session
October 11BME Seminar: BMES Student Talks
October 11Lecture: Intellectual Property Basics
October 10CyLab Seminar: Do Security Certifications Work? Evidence from Common Criteria Certification
October 7Information Session on International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM)
October 6CEE Sophomore Dinner
October 6ECE Seminar: Alejandro Dominque
October 6ChemE Seminar: Dr. Babatunde Ogunnaike
October 5Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley On-Campus Information Session
October 5ECE IEEE Tech/Career Talks: Synopsis
October 4BME Seminar: Ravi Bellamkonda
October 4WinECE Fall Welcome Dinner
October 3CIT First-Year Professional Networking Event
October 3Seminar: Usable Privacy and Security
October 32011 Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Annual Conference
October 1Memorial Service for the Late University Professor Lester Lave
September 30ECE Seminar: Hitoshi Kubota
September 29 – October 1Yahoo! HACK U
September 29ECE Seminar: Mark Allen
September 29ChemE Seminar: Dr. Jesse Kroll
September 28INI Alumni Pro Webinar
September 282011 Carnegie Mellon Portugal Annual Conference
September 27Real Life Story Series, "From CMU to CEO," Featuring Jeffrey Mullen
September 27BME Seminar: Ghassan Kassab
September 27ECE IEEE Tech/Career Talks: Carbon Motors
September 27Alex Hills Luncheon Book Launch
September 27ChemE Seminar: Dr. Sibani Lisa Biswal
September 26Owning Our Airwaves: A Community Dialogue with Media Policymakers
September 26 – September 27Carnegie Mellon CyLab Partners Conference
September 24CrisisCamper Tour: Silicon Valley Stop
September 242011 Carnegie Mellon Portugal Student Orientation Day in Portugal
September 23CMSV CrisisCamper Tour Kickoff
September 23CIT Pride Day
September 22ECE IEEE Tech/Career Talks: Tesla Motors
September 22ECE Seminar: Jennifer Michaels
September 22CEE Career Fair
September 21ECE IEEE Tech/Career Talks: Intel
September 20ECE IEEE Tech/Career Talks: SpaceX
September 20ECE IEEE Tech/Career Talks: Northrup Grumman
September 20ChemE Seminar: Dr. Martin Bazant
September 20 – September 21Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC)
September 20ECE Recruiters Networking Breakfast
September 19BME Seminar: Tom Dudar
September 19ECE IEEE Tech/Career Talks: ARM
September 19Speaker: Paul Browning, President & CEO Thermal Products for GE Energy
September 19Fall Employment Opportunities Conference (EOC)
September 19Cyberdefense as Democracy's Opportunity
September 16Rwanda President Speaks at CMU
September 15The Water-Energy Nexus: Protecting Water Quality and Providing Energy
September 15ECE Seminar: Anthony Rowe
September 15CyLab Research Talk: Location Information Scrambling for Protection of Smartphone Users’ Privacy
September 15CheGSA Symposium Keynote
September 15CPS Seiner Lecture
September 13Biomechanics/CMU Biomaterials Day 2011
September 12CyLab Seminar: Stephen Fienberg
September 9Media Panel Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of 9/11
September 8ECE Seminar: Frank Liu
September 7Celebration of William S. Dietrich II's Gift to CMU
September 6BME Seminar: The Regulation of Cellular Traction Forces
September 1INI Orientation Boat Cruise
September 1ECE Seminar: Ian Dobson
August 29First Day of Fall Classes
August 27EGO Event: ECE Graduate Student and Faculty Fall Picnic
August 26MechE New Grads Picnic
August 25 – August 26INI Orientation
August 222011 Carnegie Mellon Portugal Student Orientation Day at CMU
August 9Special Seminar: Prof. Kenith E. Meissner, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University
August 7Silicon Valley Graduation
August 6Tech Showcase
August 1Scouting for Engineers
July 26Talks on Computing Systems: Elie Bursztein
July 24ECE/SCS Summer Alumni and Student Gathering in Seattle
July 23ECE/SCS Summer Alumni and Student Gathering in San Francisco
July 22SEE Program Final Presentations
July 21Workshop on Agent Approaches to Networked Systems
July 20 – July 22Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS) 2011
July 19ECE Back to Basics Colloquium with Peter Steenkiste from CMU "XIA: An Architecture for an Evolvable and Trustworthy Internet"
July 16ECE/SCS Summer Alumni and Student Gathering in Washington D.C.
July 11 – July 22Summer Engineering Experience for Girls
July 11 – July 22Information Assurance Capacity Building Program
July 10MEGSO BBQ and Games at Schenley Park
June 28Kanda Ishihara: Patent Essential for High Technology Companies
June 22 – June 24TRUST 2011
June 21From the Social Web to Public Deliberation: Design Considerations for the Deme Platform
June 20Building Modern Integrated Systems: A Cross-cut Approach (The Electrical, The Optical and The Mechanical)
June 19 – June 23Trusted Infrastructure Workshop 2011
June 17Workshop on Alumni Management and Fundraising: Higher Education Sector
June 17 – June 18Security and Human Behavior Conference
June 16Computers Freedom and Privacy 2011
June 16Security and Privacy Engineering (SPREE) Workshop
June 11ECE/SCS Boston Alumni Harbor Cruise
June 10ICES Seminar: Glaucoma Detection Research
May 31Richard Waldinger: English Access to Data
May 24Virtual Body Language
May 23 – May 24Workshop on Diversity in Design Automation and Test
May 22 – May 23Disaster Management Initiative's 2nd Annual Workshop
May 18Steve Koonin, Under Secretary for Science with the Department of Energy
May 17Maybe Your Robot Just Needs a Hug
May 15CMU and CIT Commencement
May 9SCION: Scalability, Control, and Isolation On Next-Generation Networks
May 6GOINI Picnic
May 5Design Exposition: Senior Capstone Design Project
May 4Driving Dedicated: Rev Up Giving
May 4Meeting of the Minds 2011" Carnegie Mellon's campus-wide Undergraduate Research Symposium
May 4Reading Day
April 29Buhl Lecture: Quantum Computing and the Limits of the Efficiently Computable
April 29CIT Freshman Major Blast BBQ
April 29Synchronous elastic systems and their extension for modeling and validation of communication fabrics
April 29Arbor Day: Planting the Future
April 29ECE Day
April 28Tracy Cui: Improving Neural Implant Biocompatibility via Biomimetic Design
April 28Toor Lecture: Reinventing Pharmaceutical Development and Marketed Product Support
April 26Johnny Lee: Working on Kinect
April 26Women and the Economy Forum
April 26Technology and Human Affairs at Washington University in St. Louis - A Personal History
April 25Michael Mayer Seminar
April 22Fred Higgs, III, Seminar
April 21João Hespanha: Modeling and Analysis using Stochastic Hybrid Systems
April 21Flying High and Heels on Wheels
April 21Deception in the Networked Age: A Psychological Approach
April 19Engineering Leadership Speaker Series - Innovate, Compete, Motivate
April 19Comm Apps: An Alternative to Facebook for Helping People Stay in Touch With Close Family and Friends
April 19 – April 20Bake Sale for Japan
April 19Bayer Lecture: Optimal Design and Operation of Natural Gas Value Chains
April 18Engineering Leadership Speaker Series - CONSOL Energy's Approach to Powering America
April 18Cellular Sensing and Actuation through Mechanical Interactions with Adhesive Materials
April 18HIPAA Security: The Reality of Technical Vulnerabilities in Health Care Organizations
April 16ECE/SCS Alumni "Look Who's Here" Spring Carnival reception
April 16Carnival West
April 14 – April 16Spring Carnival
April 13Heather MacLean Seminar
April 13Thomas Anderson: Towards a highly Available Internet
April 12Frankie James: Designing Interior Audio Cues for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
April 11Kerem Pekkan: Embryonic and Pediatric Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics
April 11Ole Mengshoel: System Health Management using Bayesian Networks
April 10 – April 12Engineering Sustainability 2011
April 9CIT Scavenger Hunt
April 8Annual WINI Thank You Reception
April 8Burak Ozdoganlar: Micro-Manufacturing Research and Its Applications
April 8NSF Workshop
April 8Wireless Location Privacy: Depersonalization Techniques and Connected Vehicle Applications
April 7Towards Reverse Engineering the Brain: Modeling Abstractions and Simulation Frameworks
April 7ICES Anniversary Event
April 6Steinbrenner Institute Environmental Research Poster Session
April 4Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., Physicist and Systems Theorist
April 4University Lecture Series: Fritjof Capra
April 4Bioengineering Approaches to the Understanding of Pulmonary Vascular Function in Children with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Are we mice or men?
April 4Architectures for Practical Client-Side Security
April 4Risk vs. Hazard
April 4Thomas Moscibroda: Secure and Efficient Coexistence with Primary Users in the White Space TV Band Spectrum
April 3TEDxCMU
April 2Seminar: Verifying the Integrity of Peripherals' Firmware
April 2Moving 4th Into Engineering
April 1INI Seminar: Rajkumar Bondugula
March 31Washington Speaker Series
March 31Teachers All Around Me: My Life of Learning
March 31Sani Nassif Seminar
March 31ICTI@CMU Student Research Presentation and Lunch
March 30Students To Match Wits With IBM’s Watson at Carnegie Mellon
March 29Aaron Marcus: The Green Machine
March 28Gustavo Rohde: Image-Based Morphometry: Segmentation & Visualization of Summarizing Trends and Discriminating Information
March 28Nicolas Christin: Understanding Online Criminals: Two Years of Trawling for Drugs and Pornography on the Internet
March 25Jessica Zhang Seminar
March 25 – March 27Environment Today: Biodiversity and Environmental Justice
March 24Sustainability and the Evolving Global Chessboard
March 24Doug Carmean: Improving Permeability in System Architecture
March 24Governor Howard Dean: The Health of the Nation
March 22ARCS Event: Is Pittsburgh in Your Future
March 22Volunteer Distributed Computing: Operating in the Worst Case Scenario and Lessons for Conquering Clouds and Many-core
March 21Nitish Thakor: Signals and Networks, from Neurons to Brain, for Building Brain Machine Interface
March 21Jeff Jonas: Big Data, New Physics, and Geospatial Super-food
March 19 – March 20CIT Casino Night
March 18Bob Hutchinson: Addressing the Sophisticated Cyber Adversary - Research Topics
March 18Marius Minea: Automated Detection of Guessing and Denial of Service Attacks in Security Protocols
March 18A Conversation About Design with David M. Kelley
March 18ICT Portugal Workshop: Research Talks by Faculty Exchange Members
March 17Stephen S. Hall: Science of Wisdom
March 17Nicholas Hatsopoulos: Exploiting Multiple Sensory Modalites for Brain Machine Control
March 16Celebrating Service Leadership: Journeys in Making a Difference
March 15Florian "Floyd" Mueller: Exertion Games
March 15Chemical Engineering Seminar: Dr. Jeffrey G. Forbes
March 14Daniel A. Hammer: The Chemistry and Mechanics of Ameoboid Cell Motility
March 14 – February 14Norman Sadeh: User-Controllable Privacy: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective
March 10Silicon Valley Career Fair
March 8Netwok Nights Boston
March 7 – March 11Spring Break
March 3Wireless Without Batteries: Purely Passive Microwave Tags and Sensors
March 1ICT Portugal Workshop: Launching Session of the 2nd Call Research Projects
February 28BME Seminar Series: Mark Henkelman
February 25INI Seminar: Patrick Tague
February 25Meche Seminar: Clark Cooper
February 24BME Seminar Series: Zhi-Pei Liang
February 24Tariq Samad: Technology Developments and R&D Challenges for Smart Grid Applications in Homes, Buildings and Industry
February 24Media Focused: Storytelling with Photos
February 21The Internet in Intelligence and Investigations
February 18MechE-ICES Distinguished Speaker
February 17Show + Tell: Sustainability & Government
February 16Stress & Procrastination Workshop
February 16Bioimaging Day 2011
February 15Mechanical Engineering Study Abroad Information Session
February 14Help Yourself Resource Fair
February 14Building Cyber Capability and Capacity to Meet Navy's Maritime Challenges
February 13 – February 16Society of Women Engineers' Family Carnival
February 11General Motors Tech Talk
February 11Ride & Drive the New Chevy Volt
February 10Environmental Distinguished Lecture Series
February 7Cutting Edge Series: Lorrie Cranor
February 7W.L. Mellon Speaker Series: Candace Matthews
February 7Robust Unconstrained Biometric Identification
February 3Getting It Right on Marcellus: Opportunity, Responsibility, and Security
January 31Proving Voltaire Right: Security Blunders Dumber Than Dog Snot
January 26International Data Privacy Day
January 24Engineering as Law: Injury Epidemiology and Consensus Codes
January 24Cyber Underground - The Underground Economy
January 17Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 13A Sustainable Neighborhood Resurgence
January 10Spring Semester Classes Begin
January 5CIT Staff Awards Luncheon