Carnegie Mellon Engineering

2008 Events

December 10Reading Day
December 8AIChE Centennial Celebration
December 8Engineering Design Exposition
December 4TechBridgeWorld Interactive
December 3DSO's Consulting in a Global Community Mixer
December 3CIT Holiday Party
December 2The PhD, the Whole PhD, and Nothing but the PhD
November 21"Kick Start" Your Idea!
November 20Sony Information Session
November 20Media Summit
November 19IAESTE General Body Meeting
November 19DSO's Entrepreneurship and Development in Africa Mixer
November 14The Chemists' Approach to Carbon Materials
November 14Mashup Day @ CMU
November 12Engineering/MBA Application Workshop
November 12Women Abroad Lunch
November 12 – November 16Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) 2008 Conference
November 11Information Session: The African and African-American Studies Minor
November 11DSO Education in Developing Communities Mixer
November 8Creating Cultures of Innovation
November 7Center for Nucleic Acids Science and Technology (CNAST) Poster Session
November 6Career Opportunities for Engineering Students: SIMTech Information Session
November 5Using Technology to Win in the Flat World
November 5Benefits and Fitness Fair
October 31India Today Course Opening Session
October 29Study Abroad Information Session
October 29Development in India Mixer
October 29Professional Development Seminar: Giving a Job Talk – Humanities and Social Sciences
October 27Mobility in the 21st Century: Challenges and Promises
October 23Public Diplomacy's Role in the Next Administration--Global Politics and the American Presidency Lecture Series
October 23 – October 26Homecoming
October 22Study Abroad in Science, Engineering, and Computer Science
October 22Graduate Women's Gathering: Connecting Luncheon - Come, Talk, Relax with Women Faculty, Administrators, and Grads
October 21Yellow: Asian Americans and the Changing Face of Our Nation
October 21Carnegie Mellon Engineering/MBA 5-Year Integrated Information Session
October 21Seeking Opportunities Abroad
October 21Doctoral Career Path Seminar: Doing Research Outside the Academy/Consulting Careers
October 20Heinz Talks!
October 20Overview of the Robotics Minor
October 16ICES Dowd Seminar
October 15Sensor Andrew Seminar
October 14Mobot Fall Open House: The 15th Annual Mobot Races
October 14Development Solutions Organization Lecture: Will India and China Dominate the 21st Century Global Economy?
October 10 – October 11International Festival 2008
October 10 – October 12Family Weekend
October 9Creating Intellectual Community: An Argument for the Future of Doctoral Education
October 8Time Management Workshop
October 8Development Solutions Organization (DSO) Mixer
October 8Citing Sources Workshop
October 8Graduate Women's Gathering: Series on Professional Confidence: What is Imposter Syndrome?
October 7Mobility Tech Talk
October 7Professional Development Seminar: Writing Grant-Proposals II: Research Grant Awardees: How They Did It
October 6Eaton Corporation Day
October 6 – October 85th Annual CyLab Partner Conference
October 2 – October 3The 30th ChEGSA Symposium
October 1Speed Mentoring
September 29Inter-University Graduate Student of Color Welcome Back Dinner: Connect with Local Foundations
September 25Graduate Women's Gathering: Series on Gender Dynamics--Questioning Traditional Gender Categories
September 22CEO Forum on Innovation: Drivers and Impediments to the Development of Energy Technology
September 20Rachel Carson Legacy Conference
September 18Washington Speaker Series
September 18Technical Opportunities Conference
September 16Professional Development Seminar: Writing Grant-Proposals I: The Basics
September 15Bank of America Information/Networking Session
September 15Doctoral Career Path Seminar: Non-Traditional Careers for Ph.D.s
September 12Graduate Women's Gathering: Wine and Cheese Welcome (Back) Reception
September 10E&TIM Master's Program Information Session
August 25First Day of Classes
August 17 – August 24CIT Orientation
August 7CM2EM Seminar
August 2ECE/SCS Alumni Brunch
July 26ECE/SCS Alumni and Student Summer Networking Picnic
July 25ECE/SCS Alumni and Student Summer Networking Picnic
July 23 – July 25SOUPS 2008: Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security
July 14 – July 25ICES SEE Program
July 12CEE Annual Alumni Family Picnic
July 4ECE/SCS Alumni and Student 4th of July Dinner and Fireworks Cruise
May 18Commencement
May 6CenSCIR Symposium
May 2Philip & Marsha Dowd ICES Fellowship Proposal Deadline
April 29Local Living Economies: Green, Fair, and Fun
April 28Authors' Rights and Wrongs
April 23Doctoral Career Path Seminar
April 17 – April 10Spring Carnival
April 16Graduate Women's Farewell Luncheon: Celebration of Those Completing Their Degrees
April 15Inter-University Graduate Students of Color Farewell Dinner: Celebration of Those Completing Their Degrees
April 15Role of Engineers in Poverty Reduction: Challenges and Opportunities
April 14Journeys Lecture: Pursuing Sustainable Technologies: People Change People
April 11McKinsey Operations Excellence Workshop
April 2 – April 3Future of Interactive Technology for Peace Conference
March 29Deloitte Case Competition
March 28 – March 20Corporations & Environmental Responsibility
March 27Local Economy and Urban Farming Lecture: How Green Does Your Garden Grow: Assessing Community Capacity and Aligning Local Instigations
March 27University Lecture: The Myths of Innovation
March 27Graduate Women's Gathering: Interactive Workshop: Mock Conference Luncheon
March 25 – March 24Learning to Create Value from Technical Insights: What is Innovation Management?
March 24University Lecture: Newly Appreciated Roles of Efflux Transporters in Environmental Pollution and Environmental Policy
March 20University Lecture: There is No Such Thing as Environmental Ethics
March 19 – March 23National Society of Black Engineers National Convention
March 11Doctoral Career Path Seminar: Career Benchmarks in the Academy
March 6Graduate Women's Gathering: Presenting Yourself and Your Work in Professional Settings
March 5Professional Development Seminar: Global Career Search: International and American Students in Multinational Corporations
March 4First-Year Success Series: What Is Your Leadership Style?
March 3The Fire Retardant Dilemma: Balancing Fire Prevention, Human Health and Environmental Protection
March 3Fulbright Information Session
February 28Carnegie Mellon in the Community Open House
February 26First-Year Success Series: Networking and You: Advice from a CIT Alum
February 21What Employers Want You to Learn In College During Your First Year and Beyond
February 21Bill Gates Lecture
February 18Inter-University Graduate Student of Color Dinner: Identity and Failed Democracy? Pittsburgh Quality of Life Study of Multiple Racial Groups
February 18Graduate Women's Gathering: Interactive
February 17 – February 23National Engineers Week
February 14Professional Development Seminar: The Next Step—Talking with Postdocs About their Journey to Their Postdoc Appointments
February 12M3: Meet, Mix, and Mingle III, Majors: MSE, ChemE, and BME
February 12INI Information Session
February 11Doctoral Career Path Seminar: Consulting Within the Academy and Industry
February 72008 Friedman Program Information Session
February 5Graduate Women's Gathering: Supervising and Gender Dynamics
February 4Journeys Lecture: The Accidental President
February 4M3: Meet, Mix, and Mingle II, Majors: CEE, MechE, and EPP
February 1Google China—Can a Multinational Internet Company Succeed in China?
January 31QoLT Technology Panel
January 30 – February 1Focus the Nation
January 29M3: Meet, Mix, and Mingle I, Major: ECE
January 28You Look Terrible: How Not to Dress for a Job Interview
January 23First-Year Success Series: Career Center Forum: Writing a Resume & Searching for an Internship
January 22Professional Development Seminar: Negotiating a Job Offer, Corporate or Academic
January 17Inter-University Graduate Student of Color Dinner: Educating the Majority—Promoting Diversity Through Meaningful Exchange
January 16Graduate Women's Gathering: Connecting Lunch – Open Microphone
January 14Doctoral Career Path Seminar: Multinational Corporate Careers
January 10Network Nights Seattle at Microsoft
January 9Network Nights San Francisco at the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center
January 8Network Nights Silicon Valley at Google
January 7Network Nights Los Angeles at