Students, faculty, and industry leaders gathered in the Rangos Ballroom on November 13, 2015, for the 2nd annual Innovation Palooza and Impact-a-Thon student competition, all with a single goal in mind: coming up with innovative ways to make playgrounds more accessible to children with physical and cognitive disabilities. Over the course of the four-hour event, demonstrations from leading tech companies such as 4Moms, Amazon Robotics, and Kennametal, interspersed with lighting talks from pioneers of innovation provided students with a look into the incredible doors their degree paths can open for them. In exchange, 15 interdisciplinary student teams from across the College of Engineering and the university at large displayed the prototypes and ideas they’d developed over the course of three days in response to the Impact-a-Thon’s innovation challengeall hoping to wow the judges and win the top prize of $1,000.