The College of Engineering has founded a brand-new initiative to provide support to the university’s most valuable resource: its faculty.

“Faculty are our most important asset,” says Diana Marculescu, founding director of the Center for Faculty Success and professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. “They drive innovation, and they create successful stories.”

Successful stories indeed: our faculty’s research, dedication, and innovation in the classroom are world-renowned, the pillars of our global reputation. But pillars can’t stand without a strong foundation—a foundation the newly established Center for Faculty Success aims to provide.


Faculty are our most important asset. They drive innovation, and they create successful stories.

Diana Marculescu, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

From junior faculty members to senior, the Center for Faculty Success’s programs—which just kicked off this fall—will support their professional and personal interests, provide opportunities for professional development and leadership training, and advocate for supportive and family-friendly policies within the university.

In particular, for junior faculty who are new to the university, the Center will provide numerous opportunities that will help them adjust to our university’s culture. Such opportunities will include mentoring by senior faculty, workshops to enhance skills in practical areas such as grant writing and networking, and training to learn how to avoid implicit bias in the workplace. Other activities through the Center for Faculty Success will include advocacy on behalf of diversity in the workplace, faculty recruitment opportunities, and more.

“[The Center for Faculty Success] will help us achieve our goals as a department and as a college,” says Dave Dzombak, Hamerschlag University Professor and head of Civil and Environmental Engineering. “It will help faculty achieve their goals and overall elevate the happiness and performance of faculty working in our department and in the college.”