MCF Webinar: Soft/Hybrid Materials with Electron Microscopy Techniques

July 22, 2021

2:00 p.m. ET


The Materials Characterization Facility at Carnegie Mellon University invites you to join Rick Passey and Jan Ringalda of Thermo Fisher Scientific as they discuss the special handling requirements to successfully characterize “soft”/hybrid materials without introducting analysis artifacts.

The analysis of complex materials using the  scanning electron microscope (SEM), focused ion beam (FIB), and the transmission electron microscope (TEM) has been a cornerstone of material science research for decades. As materials have evolved, the need to analyze low atomic number, beam sensitive, non-traditional materials has grown significantly. These so-called “soft”/hybrid materials require special handling considerations and advanced microscope capabilities to successfully characterize the material without introducing analysis artifacts. The Helios 5 DualBeam (SEM+FIB) and the Spectra TEM provide scientistis with the most advanced tools combined with the most advanced detection systems and cameras for analyzing soft/hybrid materials, providing the ultimate microscope performance at the highest speeds on modern, state-of-the-art platforms, that are accessible to all levels of microscopists and non-microscopists. 

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