The College of Engineering will host three spaces for community gathering in the post-election period, on Fridays November 6, 13, and 20 over Zoom.

Elections are the bedrock of America’s functioning democracy, and this year concerns abound from across the political spectrum. Due to the unique circumstances under which the election is occurring amid the COVID-19 pandemic, tallying the national vote may take time. We should all be prepared for the possibility that Election Night could become Election Week, as some states count an unusually large number of mail-in ballots. The College encourages all students, faculty and staff to approach this time with patience for the process and respect and kindness for each other.

The College will host these gatherings, supported by the Counseling and Psychological Services office (CaPS), to facilitate a conversation around the impact of the election on our mental health and overall wellbeing, while also attending to ways we can prioritize care for ourselves and our community during these times. The goal is to recognize our shared experience during these uncertain times. All Engineering community members, including undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty, are welcome to join in any number of these gatherings.

In addition, here is a reminder that there are university services and programs available to support you, which can be found at the various links below:

  • CaPS: One of many support resources on campus available to help CMU students with a range of struggles. Faculty and staff have access to several resources as well, including the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). View a list of other support resources.
  • Eberly Center: Resources and tips for how to handle difficult moments in the classroom with respect and sensitivity.
  • SLICE: The SLICE webpage will continue to serve as a centralized resource for election-related events and programs being offered.