Institute for Politics and Strategy

The Global Decriminalization of Homosexuality

October 02, 2020

12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.


A Converstion with Ambassador Richard Grenell and Mr. Stuart Milk

The Carnegie Mellon University Institute for Politics and Strategy invites you to a special event.

Join Ambassador Grenell and Mr. Milk, founder and president of the Harvey Milk Foundation, on Zoom as they discuss their work on the US-led effort to decriminalize homosexuality in 69 countries around the globe.

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About Ambassador Grenell

Richard Grenell, a senior fellow in the Institute for Politics and Strategy, is the former US Ambassador to Germany. By serving as the acting director of National Intelligence in 2020, Amb. Grenell became the first openly gay Cabinet member in US history. He has spearheaded the US effort to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide.

About Stuart Milk

Stuart Milk is an international human rights activist, LGBT rights speaker, government relations consultant, and youth advocate. He is the co-founder and board president of the all-volunteer Harvey Milk Foundation. As the nephew of Harvey Milk, the iconic civil rights leader, Milk supports local, regional, and national human rights issues and LGBT communities on five continents.