Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Materials Away From Equilibrium: 3D Printing Ceramics and Beyond

May 03, 2019

1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Porter Hall 100


Our lab has two main goals: (1) Understand mechanisms behind field-matter coupling when applying electromagnetic (EM) fields during the synthesis of materials such as ceramics. (2) Apply this understanding to devise novel, energyefficient methods to manufacture these materials (like 3D printing of ceramics). We find that EM fields significantly reduce the temperatures required to assemble atoms into specific crystal structures, but the underlying mechanisms of what the field actually does in our experiments remains unknown. It is hypothesized that the field depending on frequency and polarization modifies energy barriers for chemical reactions.

This talk will describe how we merge exploratory experiments and computation with data driven methods to define new thermodynamic foundations that better explain processes occurring away from equilibrium, like the behavior of groups of atoms under externally applied fields.



B. Reeja Jayan, Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

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