Scott Institute for Energy Innovation

Seminar on advanced manufacturing for carbon capture and clean energy systems

August 15, 2018

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Wean Hall 3701


Advanced manufacturing, including 3D printing of polymers, metals, and ceramics, offers a range of opportunities to improve performance and access new applications in clean energy. These tools enable the use of new geometries, like gyroids and hierarchical flow paths, that can intensify processes to reduce materials use and support modular design. In this work, we describe new reactors for CO2 capture from industrial sources and heat exchangers for supercritical CO2 power cycles that make use of advanced manufacturing. By creating continuously-turning flow paths for mass and heat transfer, these technologies show better performance per unit volume and per unit of reactor material than conventional alternatives. To implement these technologies, innovations in material formulation, fabrication technique, and computational design are required, and some are described here. If successful, these concepts will have applications not just in carbon capture, but in CO2 conversion, energy storage, bioenergy, and beyond.


Dr. Stolaroff runs the carbon capture program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He leads several projects at the intersection of advanced manufacturing and clean energy technology and oversees a handful of related projects on CO2 capture and utilization. His other research interests include the climate impacts of material recycling, land-use change, methane emissions, and drones. Prior to joining LLNL, Dr. Stolaroff was an AAAS Science and Technology Fellow at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He received a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Lunch will be provided. The event is co-sponsored by the Scott Institute and the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making.

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