This event is part of the CyLab Distinguished Seminar Series. 

John Whaley
Founder and CEO


The proliferation of sensors and innovations in machine learning now make it possible to identify and authenticate individuals without any conscious user action, based purely on passive behavioral factors. Implicit authentication opens up a lot of opportunities, but also presents many unique challenges in security and privacy. I will present some of the challenges and open research questions we have encountered in our development of a real-world implicit authentication platform.


John Whaley is Founder and CEO of UnifyID. He was previously Founder and CTO of Moka5, and was a Visiting Lecturer in Computer Science at Stanford. He is an expert in computer security and has spoken at numerous conferences and industry events. He holds a doctorate in computer science from Stanford University, where he made key contributions to the fields of program analysis, compilers, and virtual machines. He is the winner of numerous awards including the Arthur L. Samuel Thesis Award for Best Thesis at Stanford, and has worked at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center and Tokyo Research Lab. John was named one of the top 15 programmers in the USA Computing Olympiad. He also holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from MIT.

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