Civil and Environmental Engineering

Striking the balance: how environmental, regulatory, and scientific experience bring value to your company

April 07, 2017

10:30 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.

Porter Hall 100

Sheryl Corrigan
Director - Environmental Health and Safety
Koch Industries


Why did an environmental scientist and former regulator end up at one of the largest manufacturers in the world? Sheryl Corrigan, Director of Environmental, health and Safety for Koch Industries, Inc., understands that successful industrial innovation requires efficiencies that create in-demand products and services that use less resources. Large manufacturers need employees that understand the balancing act of addressing environmental needs, business growth priorities, and consumer demand. Devoted to environmental work from the beginning, Sheryl’s career included roles at 3M and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency where her passion for environmental science and safety grew and was matched by valuable leadership experience. She then brought that passion and experience to her role at Koch where she serves as the Director of Environmental, Health and Safety, driving environmental excellence initiatives across all Koch companies. By focusing on responsible operations and efficiency, Koch industries is not only making products and services we use every day, but meeting the challenge of producing more using less resources. As of 2012, there has been a 33% reduction in production related waste across Koch Companies while meeting market demands. Koch Industries has been recognized by the EPA for the third year in a row for being among the top two companies with the most pollution prevention initiatives.
During this seminar, Sheryl will discuss how a diversity of experience and approach can make you one of the most valuable people at the table and explore the interesting career paths at Koch Industries. With 120,000 employees worldwide and 70,000 strong in the U.S., Koch is integral to creating the essential products that benefit daily life most: food, shelter, clothing and transportation. By focusing on people and values, while having access to a multitude of industries and resources, employees have the opportunity to make a real impact in their careers.

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