Xenocs Xeuss 3.0 SAXS/WAXS

This instrument supports the development of cutting-edge nanostructured materials that have keys features ranging in size from Angstroms to hundreds of nanometers. To enable in situ and in operando characterization of structural properties, this custom, automated Xenocs Xeuss 3.0 x-ray scattering system will enable high-throughput studies at a variety of length scales.


Dynamic WAXS to SAXS and USAXS to enable probing of d-space lengths ranging from 2 Angstroms to 4.5 microns, with automated transitions between modes.

  •  In situ and in operando studies using accessories for temperature control, tensile loading, UV/VIS in situ spectroscopy, and dynamic sample dilution.
  • Customizable workspace can be modified to incorporate experimental stimulation such as magnetic fields and laser excitation.
  • Both Cu and Mo sources:copper in Rigaku rotating anode source and molybdenum in secondary Genix source.
    • Copper enables high flux investigations of both liquid and solid phase materials.
    • Molybdenum secondary source allows investigations of thick samples (>4mm) as well as high-Z materials and packaged samples.
  • Automation
    •  Robotic sample handling for high-throughput data acquisition in solution studies
    • Capability for performing remote operation
    • BioXolver sample loading robot
  • Multiple sample holder options
    •  Multisample holder for powders and gels
    • Multi refillable capillary holder with temperature control (-10°C to 80°C)
    • Thermoregulation chiller for multi refillable capillary holder
    • BioCUBE flow cell Assembly & cleaning pump system
  • Multiple stages for stimulation
    • Humidity stage (RH 1% to 95% at 10°C to 70°C)
    • Multi-purpose X-ray temperature stage (-20 to 150°C)
    • High temperature sample stage (-150°C to 350°C)
    • Integrated tensile stage (force range 0 N to 20 N with 0.001 N resolution or 0 N to 200 N with 0.01 N resolution)
    • Shear cell system (ambient to 350°C) with cooling unit