For faculty and students seeking to commercialize their technology, or product idea, the following are some resources to explore.

Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship

The Carnegie Mellon Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship, established in fall 2012, builds on the strengths of Project Olympus and the Don Jones Center for Entrepreneurship in order to advance university research and ideas. The College of Engineering now plays a major role in the center and encourages participation in center activities and entrepreneurial mentorship. The center works with CMU colleagues to create meaningful and lasting contributions to Carnegie Mellon's entrepreneurial mission, contributions that enhance the innovation ecosystem throughout the campuses, within western Pennsylvania and beyond. The center assists faculty, students, staff, and alumni across the entire community in exploring the commercial potential of their innovations.

The Swartz Center is suited for those with an idea and the drive to form a company or develop an idea toward commercialization.


AlphaLab, a program of Innovation Works, is a leading startup accelerator that helps innovative technology companies launch quickly and successfully. Companies come from various sectors including web services, mobile, gaming, and physical products, with an emphasis on IT and software companies. Their program runs twice a year for 20 weeks. During this time, up to 10 companies are provided $25,000 in investment capital (in exchange for equity), office space, strategic business support, mentorship, and educational sessions to help them accelerate the launch and growth of their company. At the end of five months, the startups will present their company at AlphaLab Demo Day to investors and press from around the nation.

AlphLab is suited for those with a solid idea and a focus on commercialization.

AlphaLab Gear

Alphalab Gear, a program of Innovation Works, is a hardware and robotic startup accelerator that provides physical product companies with investment, mentorship and connections. They leverage their experience and network to help entrepreneurs make rapid progress through the early stages of product and customer development. AlphaLab Gear uses the same principles and methodologies as AlphaLab, Pittsburgh's nationally-acclaimed startup accelerator, while incorporating unique expertise, education, and mentorship in the areas of industrial and engineering design, advanced manufacturing, mass consumer distribution, and supply chain management. Companies received $25,000 - $50,000 (in exchange for equity), office space, TechShop membership, mentorship, educational sessions and additional benefits.

AlphLab Gear is suited for those with a solid idea and a focus on commercialization.

Innovation Works (IW)

Innovation Works invests capital, business expertise and other resources into high-potential companies with the greatest likelihood for regional (Southwestern PA) economic impact. IW is the single largest investor in seed-stage companies in this region and one of the most active in the country.

IW is suited for well-formed companies and ideas that are ready for commercialization.

CMU Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation (CTTEC)

The Center for Technology Transfer connects Carnegie Mellon inventions with the companies that can successfully introduce them to the public. These creations fall along many stages of the commercialization continuum, from embryonic technologies that, with some work, will fundamentally change an industry, to "off-the-shelf" technology that is ready for a company to bring it to market.

CTTEC is the first place for faculty and others (including graduate students) to disclose technology that is supported by CMU funds, sponsored research and discretionary funds. Students in a class situation generally do not need to contact CTTEC (although they are welcomed to do so).