Welcome to the pre-award service center! Our team is prepared to collaborate with you in providing our expertise and guidance on your upcoming proposal submission. Our services range from grant/contract preparation support to budget preparation to proposal submission through our Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).
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Pre-award team

For proposal submission, please contact the following.


Pre-award requests



Alicia Angemeer
Broader Impacts Manager
Office: 6121 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.5227
Engineering Research Accelerator, Broader Impacts Development


Anita Connelly
Assistant Director of Research Administration
Office: 6111 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.6836
Engineering & Public Policy (EPP), Silicon Valley (SV Campus)


Sophie Park, CRA
Research Administrator
Office: 6111 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.9860
Engineering Research Accelerator, Interdisciplinary, Center Proposals


Jacob Stempky, CRA
Research Administrator
Office: 6103 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.9950
Biomedical Engineering (BME, EPP, Interdisciplinary proposals)


Lisa Vento, CRA
Research Administrator
Office: 6103 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.7890
Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)