Inferring interests and activities based on geotagged photos and tweets

How much can your smartphone infer about you based on your photos and tweets, if all it had were your geotags? Can it figure out that you like baseball, apples, or Taylor Swift? Can it figure out where you went on vacation, where your friends live, and what kinds of activities you like doing? This project will involve (a) extracting geotags and other metadata from a person's photos, (b) crawling metadata from Yelp, Flickr, Foursquare, and other places to understand what those places are and what people do there, and (c) combining these two to build a model of a person's interests and activities.

Looking for 1-2 people with dev skills for this work. Currently, we have a large batch of geotagged Twitter data.

Ideal Skills: Some subset of Android programming, web programming, databases, machine learning.

Jason Hong - Human-Computer Interaction Institute