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Undergraduate students may earn a Bachelor of Science degree in the following disciplines:

Additional majors

Additional majors can be pursued (with one of the above six disciplines) in:


If you are interested in pursuing a minor, you will need to contact the specific department, as their application and enrollment process may differ.

Undergraduate engineering students can complete an interdisciplinary Designated Minor. A student is free, but not required, to pursue a designated minor from the following list. Learn more about the following minors in the course catalog

Non-engineering student minors:

Non-College of Engineering minors for engineers to consider:

Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology (IDeATe) Program

Carnegie Mellon’s diverse and top-ranked departments in computing, engineering, design, and arts are uniquely positioned to serve undergraduate students who have interdisciplinary interests bridging technology and creative practice. The IDeATe concentrations and minors connect students and faculty from across the university through coursework and collaborative studio experiences. As a student at Carnegie Mellon, you will have the opportunity to integrate into your degree a concentration or minor in the following eight creative industry areas:

  • Game Design: Enhance your knowledge of key component areas of games such as dramatic narrative and character development, programming and engine development, game assessment, and redesign. Create games for varied platforms from mobile devices to home entertainment systems and theme parks.
  • Animation & Special Effects: Explore the technical and artistic aspects of 3D and 2D animation in an integrated manner and within different application contexts (from film animation and special effects to interactive displays).
  • Media Design: Learn to design digitally mediated experiences across different platforms, from mobile apps to large-scare installations, and for varied applications (from media for daily living to mediated performances).
  • Learning Media: Design effective new media systems for learning using new technologies, learning science principles, and gaining media arts knowledge. Produce engaging and effective learning experiences from games for learning to tangible learning tool kits and remote learning systems.
  • Sound Design: Create experimental music or explore new, technology-enabled applications and markets for sound design, music creation, and performance.
  • Entrepreneurship for Creative Industries: Lead and innovate in creative industries through coursework that emphasizes the conceptualization of innovative products and the structuring of innovation processes.
  • Intelligent Environments: Develop spaces and devices that support efficiency and high quality of experience in contexts like daily activity, built environment, making process (from laying plaster to robot development), and arts performance.
  • Physical Computing: Build interfaces and circuitry to embed in physical contexts, such as mobile environments and new creative practice instruments.

Integrated master’s/bachelor’s program (IMB)

The Integrated Master’s/Bachelor’s program (otherwise known as the IMB program) allows students who excel academically to achieve both a bachelor's and master’s degree in any of the major programs without needing to apply separately. The primary purpose of the IMB program is to provide students with superior breadth and depth in technical material, which will better prepare them for careers in industry. Experience has shown that students complete the IMB program in eight to ten full academic semesters after enrolling at CMU.

Learn more about the IMB in specific departments: 

Engineering & MBA 5-year integrated program

Engineering students may pursue the Engineering/MBA 5-Year Integrated Program. Students will earn a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration. Visit the Engineering/MBA 5-Year Integrated Program website for an overview of the program and admissions process.

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