Dual-degree Ph.D. program with Howard University

Carnegie Mellon’s College of Engineering and the College of Engineering and Architecture of Howard University offer a dual Ph.D. program that awards a Ph.D. degree from both universities. Students will benefit from having two academic advisors, as well as access to a greater number of courses, a larger set of research facilities, and a wider research community located in two major metropolitan areas (Pittsburgh, PA and Washington DC).

Application and admissions details

  • To qualify for this dual-degree program, students must apply and be admitted to Ph.D. programs from both institutions.
  • The programs need to be in the engineering colleges at both institutions, but it is not required that they be from the same department.

Program details

  • Students will spend balanced time at each institution, including at least three academic semesters at each location.
  • Students will have an advisor from each program who will collaborate with them on research and to select relevant coursework from both schools that satisfies the requirements of each program.
  • Students may transfer courses between the programs.
  • Students will be required to meet all qualification exams at each institution.

Students will propose, conduct, submit, and defend a single dissertation during a single exam.

For questions about the Howard dual degree program, please contact the Office of Faculty and Graduate Affairs at gradengineering@cmu.edu.