Parth Vaishnav is an assistant research professor in the Department of Engineering & Public Policy (EPP) at Carnegie Mellon University. His research is aimed at understanding how new technologies can be deployed to solve society’s problems, particularly in the areas of energy and the environment. He teaches a course on Climate Science and Adaptation and runs the U.S. Association of Energy Economics’ annual case competition. Vaishnav received a Ph.D. in engineering an public policy at CMU in 2015 and spent a year at the University of Cambridge getting his master's of philosophyl in technology policy. Prior to that, he worked as a strategy analyst for Shell’s natural gas business in Europe.
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Parth Vaishnav

Better Energy Policies


2015 Ph.D., Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

2011 MPhil, Technology Policy, University of Cambridge

2005 Master of Technological Design, National University of Singapore and Eindhoven University of Technology

2003 BE, Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore

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