Trish Hredzak-Showalter is responsible for overseeing the safe and systemized day to day operations of The Biomolecular Engineering Lab, the largest collaborative lab in the Department of Chemical Engineering. The nearly 5,000 square foot facility accommodates research at the BSL-2 level, including radioactive tracers. She helps to coordinate use and maintenance for a wide range of shared equipment including seven certified laminar flow hoods, a flow cytometer, and microscopy. She manages the technical supplies inventory and oversees equipment repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Part of her role is also to directly support the research of Katie Whitehead and her researchers on drug delivery, including the modification of regulatory protocols such as IACUC and IRB.

Contact Trish Hredzak-Showalter for:

  • General lab safety consultation
  • Coordinating training and use of equipment within The Biomolecular Engineering Lab
  • Provide resources and assistance for technical supplies and laboratory equipment procurement
  • Sustainable lab and other best practices