Alex Davis is an associate professor in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. He is a member of the Behavior, Decision, and Policy Group, the Carnegie Electricity Industry Center (CEIC), and the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making (CEDM). His research focuses on the behavioral foundations of policy, applied to innovation and entrepreneurship, energy, the environment, health, and information and communication technologies. He teaches graduate courses in applied data analysis (19-704) and stochastic discrete choice models (19-786). Davis earned his B.S. from Northern Arizona University in psychology (2007) and his M.S. (2009) and Ph.D. (2012) from Carnegie Mellon University in behavioral decision research. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow and research scientist at Carnegie Mellon University prior to joining the faculty at Carnegie Mellon.

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Alexander Davis


2012 Ph.D., Behavioral Decision Research, Carnegie Mellon University

2009 MS, Behavioral Decision Research, Carnegie Mellon University

2007 BS, Psychology, Northern Arizona University

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Detecting depression and partner violence risk during pregnancy

Researchers are using language processing on diary entries from birthgiving parents in the perinatal period to detect and identify possible risk indicators for depression and intimate partner violence.

Carnegie Bosch Institute

Engineering faculty receives CBI funding

CEE’s Burcu Akinci and Gerald Wang; CyLab’s Eunsuk Kang; ECE’s Gauri Joshi; EPP’s Alex Davis; and MechE’s Satbir Singh, and Conrad Tucker, and Ding Zhao were awarded funding from the Carnegie Bosch Institute.

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2020 Dean’s Early Career Fellowships awarded

Two College of Engineering faculty members have been selected to receive the 2020 Dean’s Early Career Fellowship in recognition for their exemplary contributions to their respective fields: MechE’s B. Reeja Jayan and EEP’s Alex Davis.

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Linking air pollution to climate change in Chinese policy

The amount of CO2 that China releases annually into the atmosphere has a significant impact on global climate change.

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CMU 3-D printing algorithm leverages human expertise

BME/MSE’s Adam Feinberg, EPP’s Alex Davis, BME/EPP Ph.D student Sara Abdollahi, and the Department of Social and Decision Sciences’ John H. Miller recently published research on a new algorithm they created that uses human expertise as a starting point to predict the optimum parameters for the 3-D printing of soft materials.

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Combining experts and automation in 3-D printing

The Expert-Guided Optimization method combines expert judgment with an optimization algorithm to enable high-fidelity 3-D printing of soft materials.

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Each year, tens of millions of phishing emails make it to your inbox, uncaught by your email client’s spam filter. Of those, millions more slide past our own judgment and are clicked and opened.