Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Challenge, Innovation, Education, & Entrepreneurship

Graduate study at Carnegie Mellon's College of Engineering provides students with exciting research and educational opportunities that address the challenging, technology-oriented problems facing us today.

Scholarly research is emphasized and is complemented by strong industrial collaborations that encourage students to participate in leading-edge research projects. Our graduates are highly successful in industry and academia and are well prepared to assume leadership roles in organizations that demand smart, creative, and well-trained professionals.

Our approach to graduate studies is decentralized. Each department manages its own admission process, establishes degree programs, and determines requirements. Each department offers various kinds of financial support for qualified applicants, with additional support at the university level. The College determines policy, which applies to all graduate programs. It is our culture to encourage collaboration across disciplines, departments, or colleges within Carnegie Mellon, as well as partnerships with respected colleagues from other institutions.

Learn about the College of Engineering's multidisciplinary and international programs for graduate students.