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March 27: Printing out a plane, piece by piece, Scienceline

March 17: RAPID + TCT to Feature 3D Printed Pittsburgh Bridge Replicas,

March 13: The NextManufacturing Center at Carnegie Mellon University,

February 24: Why benefits of 3D printing are attracting more manufacturers, TechTarget

February 10: 3D Metal Printing—What's Next?, 3D Metal Printing Magazine

January 11: What will 2017 mean for 3D printing with metals?, Manufacturers' Monthly



December 29: 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Will Grow in 2017: New and Better Materials, DesignNews

December 28: 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Will Grow in 2017: Manufacturing Processes, DesignNews

November 25: Transforming Industry With 3D Printing, Manufacturing Business Technology

November 14: Overcoming the Challenges of 3D Printing with Metals (Part Two), Industrial Heating

November 11: 3-D Printing Expands to Metals, Showing Industrial Promise, The Wall Street Journal

October 31: SME Hosts 3D Scan of Pittsburgh Bridge for Upcoming RAPID + TCT 3D Technology Event,

October 31: Len Boselovic’s Heard off the Street: Clemente Bridge souvenirs show off 3-D printing, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

October 26: SME Hosts First-Ever 3D Scan of Pittsburgh Bridge, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Students working on an Arcam machineOctober 21: Educators and Industry Discuss Need for Engineering Education to Adapt to AM, AM Magazine

October 13: SAE International Signs on as Founding Member of CMU NextManufacturing Center Additive Manufacturing Consortium, SAE International

October 7: From Assembly Line To Digital Thread: The Factory Of The Future Is Here, And It’s Here To Stay, GE Reports

September 26: Overcoming the Challenges of 3D Printing with Metals, Industrial Heating 

September 16: Solving Porosity Issues in Metal 3-D Printing with Anthony Rollett of Next Manufacturing Center (Podcast)

September 14: Microfabrica’s Tiny Revolution, Michael Belfiore

August 15: Carnegie Mellon Launches 3D Print Consortium, RapidReady by Desktop Engineering

August 9: NextManufacturing Center launches consortium to promote additive manufacturing, NEXTPittsburgh

August 3: Carnegie Mellon U aims to unlock industrial 3D printing potential with new consortium that includes GE, Alcoa and United States Steel,

August 2: Carnegie Mellon U Launches 3D Printing Initiative, Campus Technology

July 30: New 3-D view of manufacturing, Times Union Albany

July 29: CMU launches consortium to unlock potential of 3-D printing, Pittsburgh Business Times

July 26: New additive manufacturing consortium sets out to unlock the potential of 3-D printing in the U.S.,

July 23: CMU center relives city’s industrial past, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Reading Eagle, Imagine Pittsburgh

June 8: What 3-D Printing Can Do for Metals, The Wall Street Journal

May 13: 3D Printing’s ‘Tipping Point’, Manufacturing Engineering

March 25: Pittsburgh stands poised to become a hub for 3-D printing, Pittsburgh Business Times

March 23: Taking a close look at metal 3-D printing, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Office of Science

March 21: Taking a close look at metal 3-D printing,

March 21: 3D Printing Industry Catches Capitol Hill Attention, Composites Manufacturing

March 17: Policymakers Want to Know More About 3D Printing & Economic Impact—Carnegie Mellon Faculty Participate in Briefing to Congress,

March 4: Intense X-rays expose tiny flaws in 3-D printed titanium that can lead to breakage over time, Argonne National Laboratory

February 22: 5 Key Advances for Metal Additive Manufacturing,

February 16: 3D metals printing: how will it look in five years?, Global Manufacturing

February 12: Carnegie Mellon professor predicts 5 key advances in metal 3d printing,

January 4: Additive manufacturing takes off in aerospace industry, ASSEMBLY Magazine 



November 20: Pittsburgh Region’s Additive Manufacturing Boom, WPXI’s Our Region’s Business 

November 2: Why Pittsburgh is becoming a hub for additive manufacturing (think 3D printing), NEXTPittsburgh

June 16: Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering projects top 10 list for 3D printed metal applications,

June 15: What’s hot in 3D printing out of metal, 3D Printing Progress

June 14: What’s Hot in 3D Metal Printing – Carnegie Mellon Professors Tell Us,

May 12: Carnegie Mellon University Stays True to History with ‘Additive Manufacturing for Engineers’ Course,

May 11: Carnegie Mellon Offers 3D Printing Courses, Campus Technology



July 6: The ‘maker movement’ creates D.I.Y. revolution, The Christian Science Monitor

February 12: Carnegie Mellon Looking for New 3D Printing Metal Powders, Softpedia


Campus News


January 18: Undergrads build with new metal 3-D printer



July 28: Consortium aims to unlock 3-D printing potential 

July 25: New additive manufacturing consortium sets out to unlock the potential of 3-D printing in the U.S.

July 18: NextManufacturing Center launches new additive manufacturing consortium

April 16: Leading the way into a new era of advanced materials

March 16: Carnegie Mellon researchers participate in congressional briefing about the economic impact of 3-D printing

March 3: Taking a close look at metal 3-D printing

Winter 2015-2016 Engineering Magazine: Final Words



October 23: Carnegie Mellon researchers hack off-the-shelf 3-D printer toward rebuilding the heart

October 15: Faculty to Global Leaders’ program creates new relationship between research and industry 

June 11: White House Week of Making & Top 10 ‘What’s Hot in 3-D Printing Out of Metal’ 

April 8: Adding it up: Maker to metal additive manufacturing

Spring 2015 Engineering Magazine: Next generation 3-D printing



June 3: Making a better future: MechE’s Beuth at forefront of additive manufacturing

February 11: CMU researchers receive $1.9M America Makes grant to help improve manufacturing process



April 15: Carnegie Mellon receives first round of funding to improve tools for additive manufacturing


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