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DHTI Technical Proposal Solicitation

DHTI LogoThe Disruptive Health Technology Insitute is pleased to announce its 2016 technical proposal solicitation.

The proposal submission deadline has passed. Please use the uploader tools below to submit supporting documents for a proposal you have already submitted. 

Supporting Files

Please use the boxes below the following guidelines to upload your completed proposal, budget form, and quad chart using the upload boxes below the form. Be sure to submit a single PDF file containing your proposal, budget, and quad chart in that order, as well as your completed budget form as a Microsoft Excel, using the guidelines and templates below. 

Proposal Guidelines

In 5 - 8 pages (not including references), the proposal should convey the unmet clinical need, market potential, uniqueness and protectable nature of your research including path to market/clinical use. Please use Times New Roman 12pt font and 1" margins.

The body of the proposal must include:

  1. Summary of preliminary data.
    • Current research progress that supports the proposed technology.
    • Information supporting the efficacy of the proposed technology;
  2. A description of the unmet clinical need.
    • i. Number of patients affected
    • ii. Health care expenditures for treatment and/or diagnosis
    • iii. Future trend of the problem
  3. The proposed solution and scope of work.
    • The proposal must be as focused as possible on the development of an innovative technology and novel solution for the identified problem. We are focused on proposals with translational solutions as opposed to academic and adding to the general body of knowledge
    • Comparison to standard of care and competitive marketplace, discuss in detail competing technologies if any.
    • Include if and for how long your investigative team has worked together on the proposed solution
  4. Research and Development timeline.
    • "bench to bedside" time taking into consideration technology feasibility, proof of concept, product development, verification and validation, manufacturing, and regulatory considerations.
  5. Intellectual property status.
    • Include invention disclosures, patent applications filed, shared IP ownership with others, patents awarded and/or technologies licensed, related to the proposed technology, including third party IP
    • DHTI is interested in proposals with unencumbered IP

Budget Information Restrictions

  • Period of Performance: June 30, 2016 – July 1, 2018
  • No faculty salary allowed without pre-approval
  • Indirect rate: 57.3%
  • SPEX number required for submission
  • Graduate student support: Use standard tuition/stipend rate
  • Benefits rate: Please use current non-federal rate of 28.4%
  • Sub-contracts: Provide budget, justification, Statement of Work, and contact info
  • Budget cap: $300,000
  • Inflation rate: 3%
  • No capital equipment without prior approval
  • Download budget form template (.xls, 43KB)
  • Download quad chart template (.doc, 30KB)

Using the box below, upload a single PDF file containing your proposal, budget, and quad chart, in that order.

Using the box below, upload your completed budget form as a Microsoft Excel file.