Carnegie Mellon Engineering

NextManufacturing Center

The NextManufacturing Center aims to use the challenges presented by additive manufacturing not only as a focus for research, but also as a testbed for developing tools for a broad range of complex manufacturing processes. This is the next step in Additive Manufacturing research.


Center Thrust Areas:

  • Process Modeling and Process/Property Relationships
  • Powder and Part Properties
  • Cost Modeling, Regulation and Public Policy
  • Design and Process Planning
  • Powder Spreading, Surface Properties and Finishing
  • Bio and Electronic Applications
  • Additive Manufacturing Robotics and Automation
  • Innovative Component Fabrication by Additive Manufacturing


Educational Initiatives:

  • High School Teacher Training
  • Workforce Training
  • Middle and High School Outreach
  • Undergraduate Education


Each of these initiatives is designed to take ample advantage of the additive manufacturing equipment and research at Carnegie Mellon