Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Data Storage Systems Center Overview

The field of Information Technology comprises the transmission, processing, and storage of information. The Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC), an interdisciplinary research and educational organization, aims to advance information storage technologies.


Approach To Research

Efforts within the DSSC have taken a systems-based approach, and this includes a focus on materials, fabrication, devices, servo systems, signal processing and coding. The research in information storage conducted within the DSSC places us, by necessity, at the forefront of nanotechnology and its application.

By collaborating with our industrial affiliates, we are developing the fundamental underpinnings of information storage technologies as well as helping to create new technologies for information storage. Activities include projects in magnetic disk drives and tape, optical storage systems, and solid state memory systems.


Current Research Activities

  • Fabrication of Ring MRAM with Enhanced GMR

  • Coding and Signal Processing for Holographic Data Storage

  • Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording, Simulation and Thermal Characterization

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy of Magnetic Materials for Heads