Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Carnegie Mellon CyLab Overview

Carnegie Mellon CyLab is a bold and visionary effort aimed at creating a public-private partnership to develop new technologies for measurable, available, secure, trustworthy, and sustainable computing and communications systems and to educate individuals at all levels.

CyLab is a university-wide, multidisciplinary initiative involving more than 200 faculty, students, and staff at Carnegie Mellon that builds on more than two decades of Carnegie Mellon’s leadership in Information Technology. CyLab works closely with the CERT Coordination Center  (CERT/CC), a leading, internationally recognized center of Internet security expertise. Through its connection to the CERT/CC, CyLab also works closely with US-CERT—a partnership between the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) and the private sector—to protect our national information infrastructure.

The CyLab Strategy is to integrate response, prediction, research and development, and education both nationally and internationally and build capacity in:

  • Technology—by pursuing an aggressive, highly interdisciplinary research and development agenda that integrates technology, policy, and management

  • Human Resources—by educating professionals in information technology, business, and policy, and by creating “cyber-aware” citizens worldwide

  • Industry—by transitioning technologies to large, medium, and small companies and by creating start-ups

Together with a consortium of visionary companies and international partnerships, CyLab will pursue an industry-enabled research and education program.