Carnegie Mellon Engineering

The Center for Implantable Medical Microsystems (CIMM)

The Center for Implantable Medical Microsystems (CIMM) is a new center in ICES with the vision to affect medical practice and quality of life through the use of implantable microsystems for early diagnosis and for precision intervention in the treatment of disease and trauma. Envisioned implantable microsystems resulting from the center’s activities include electronic sensing and stimulation systems that are ultra-miniature, ultra-low power, and largely or completely biodegradable. In specific cases, these systems will be engineered to safely and controllably degrade in the body after the system is no longer needed.

CIMM brings together faculty members and students from multiple departments with the mission to develop "near-zero invasive" implantable diagnostic monitors and therapeutic tools by merging a range of microsystem technologies; to develop modular technologies that enable rapid design of these implantable microsystems for specific applications; and to partner with physicians to drive design, implementation, and clinical studies of implantable microsystems.