Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Center for Air Quality, Climate, and Energy Solutions Overview 

The Center for Air, Climate, and Energy Solutions is a new collaborative research center at Carnegie Mellon University created through a partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Issues like shale gas development, electric car subsidies, and power plants of the future raise air and climate questions that require integrated thinking. The new Center will bring together experts to arrive at the best decisions.

In the center, experts and researchers will: 

  • Measure air pollutant concentrations across the country to improve the health of vulnerable populations.
  • Develop and disseminate tools for scientists, policy makers, and citizens to predict the health impacts and social costs of air pollution.
  • Evaluate the impact of future scenarios for electricity, transportation, and urban development on air quality and human health.
  • Quantify regional variation in mortality, heart disease, and other health conditions due to air pollution using novel national exposure and health data.

The ultimate goal is to create a cleaner, healthier environment.