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Francis H. Bricmont Memorial Scholarship

Francis Bricmont was renowned in the steel industry for revolutionizing the design and construction of reheat steel mill furnaces. Holding more than 40 patents, he invented tunnel furnace technology, which enables molten steel to remain at an optimal temperature throughout the multi-step process that converts it into coils. This technology saves time and money because the steel doesn't need to be reheated during the production cycle.

Francis BricmontWhen Bricmont graduated from the College of Engineering, he worked as a field engineer and eventually became Chief Engineer for Rust Furnace Company, a company that designed steel furnaces. In 1966, after a brief time at Bloom Engineering, Bricmont, who was keen to improve steel furnaces, struck out on his own, and founded a company that eventually became Bricmont, Inc. The Pittsburgh-based firm employed more than 100 people when it was sold in 1996 to New Jersey-based Inductotherm Industries.

Jumilla Bricmont says that her husband "believed Carnegie Tech provided the foundation for his success," and in his memory, she wants to help students who have the talent but not the financial resources to attend the College of Engineering.

Reflecting on their lives together, she explains that her husband was an "older" student, who attended Carnegie Tech on the G.I. Bill in 1954. Bricmont worked while pursuing a demanding course load in the College of Engineering. "He would be up most of the night studying," says Mrs. Bricmont. At one point her husband went to the dean because he wanted to drop out, but the dean persuaded him to finish his program in mechanical engineering, which proved to be a move that altered the course of his life.

In 1995 the Engineering Society of Western Pennsylvania presented Bricmont with the prestigious William Metcalf Award for Outstanding Engineering Achievement. Mrs. Bricmont says that when her husband accepted the award, he said, "I'm truly honored to be recognized for doing work that I love."

"I offer this scholarship so that others who share the same excitement may obtain the knowledge that one day may enable them to leave their mark," says Mrs. Bricmont.



~By Sherry Stokes