Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Distinguished Professor of Engineering

The Distinguished Professor of Engineering Award is made to a faculty member within the Carnegie Institute of Technology in recognition of exceptional achievements that have enhanced the reputation of the College of Engineering. The award consists of a gold medal and an honorarium. This award is to be given no more frequently than once every two years, when appropriate.


The award is open to any faculty member in the College of Engineering, including regular, research, and special faculty, without regard to age or academic rank.



  • extraordinary research contributions

  • innovative and lasting contributions to education

  • sustained excellence in teaching

  • leadership in local, national, or global initiatives related to engineering and the impacts of technology on society

  • leadership in college or university initiatives that have had significant impact on engineering education and research at Carnegie Mellon

Nominations for the award can be submitted by all members of the College of Engineering community to the College of Engineering Associate Dean for Faculty and Graduate Affairs by the deadline. Documentation to support the nomination should include:

  • a citation of up to 100 words

  • a letter of nomination up to two pages describing how the nominee meets the award criteria

  • the nominee's current CV

  • at least two but no more than ten letters from Carnegie Mellon and external sources who can attest to the nominees achievements and document their impacts

  • additional materials the nominator(s) may consider appropriate, recommended under 10 pages


Selection of the award winner or winners is performed by the College of Engineering Faculty Awards and Recognition Committee. All College of Engineering Faculty awards will be announced at the Annual College of Engineering Faculty Awards Event.