Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Student Forms

Please read each form carefully and follow the directions.

FERPA Privacy Waiver: This form is used to allow Carnegie Mellon to share your grades with a designated person.


Undergraduate Transfer Credit Request Form* : You must complete this form if you are requesting to transfer credits from another institution.


Graduate Transfer Credit Request Form: This form is used by graduate students wishing to transfer course credits from other universities.


College of Engineering Internal Transfer Form: This form is used by current Carnegie Mellon students who are interested in transferring to a program within the College of Engineering.


College of Engineering Honors Research Approval Form*: This form is for students who wish to pursue honors undergraduate research.


College of Engineering Overload Petition Form: Students may register for an overload of up to 12 units with the approval of their academic advisor if they have earned at least a 3.00* semester QPA for the previous semester while carrying at least 36 factorable units or at least a 3.00* cumulative QPA. Petitions for overloads greater than 12 units or other exceptions must have the approval of the College of Engineering Dean's Office. Please complete this form for approval. First-year and transfer students are limited to a normal course load in their first semester.  *(3.50 for students in ECE)


*Note: The College of Engineering uses a self-signed security certificate. Your browser may warn you about this when attempting to access the site. Rest assured that your transactions with the site are secure.