Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Successful Collaboration with Industry

In the College of Engineering, we steer our own course and find ourselves in the position of setting industry standards. Nanotechnology or network security, energy or biotech, taking the lead means taking chances. That's what innovation demands.

Research and development is an investment. Businesses often turn to our faculty to expand their R&D capacity without adding FTEs. The college offers the talent, facilities, and laboratories; our partners provide financial support to pursue mutual goals.

There are different ways to approach these collaborations. Some examples include:

  • PPG Industries and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation have provided funds for Carnegie Mellon to purchase a Titan 80-300 Microscope, one of the world's most powerful, commercially-available microscopes, for nanotechnology research.
  • General Motors established a research institute, the General Motors Collaborative Research Lab, to collaborate with College of Engineering faculty in developing "smart car" technology.
  • IBM has supported a collaborative research exchange to discuss future technology and research opportunities.

We appreciate the support of our partners and in turn we offer them acclaimed experts with a passion for solving problems, finding solutions, building a better world. We welcome the chance to collaborate with your company. Please use our expertise directory to review our faculty's research disciplines. If you would like to discuss options for working together, you can contact us via email or call the corporate relations staff at 412.268.8733.