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Strategic Initiatives: Cyberphysical Systems

Traditional physical infrastructure (buildings, transportation systems, power grids, concrete and steel) are blending with cyber-infrastructure (computers, networks and sensors) in ways that are just emerging. Many devices are now are embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate. A new paradigm in computing is evolving in which sensing, computation, and control are tightly coupled with the physical environment. We will soon live in a world where devices that interact smartphones and servers will sense and control many aspects of our lives.

If orchestrated correctly, the economic and societal potential of these systems will transform critical infrastructure monitoring, healthcare, transportation, defense systems, entertainment, mobile robotics, manufacturing, smart buildings and citywide energy optimization. Our faculty are working with companies and organizations to design, develop and secure these novel systems that will connect our physical and cyber worlds.

Learn more about our work in cyberphysical sytems with our videos:

Cyberphysical Systems Research

Multiple faculty and research centers are focused on work related to cyberphysical systems. Some of these include: