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College of Engineering Department Heads

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Dean's Office
Dean James Garrett

James H. Garrett Jr.
Dean of the College of Engineering

Office: 110 Scaife Hall

Phone: 412.268.5090

Fax: 412.268.6421



Sue Haslett, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.6196

Fax: 412.268.6421

Biomedical Engineering
Yu-Li Wang

Yu-Li Wang, Department Head

Office: 2100 Doherty Hall

Phone: 412.268.4442


Victoria Yu, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.6222

Fax: 412.268.1173

Carnegie Mellon University in Africa
Bruce Krogh

Bruce Krogh, Director, Carnegie Mellon University in Africa

Office: B26 Porter Hall

Phone: 412.268.2472

Fax: 412.268.3890



Susan Mbabazi, Assistant

Phone: +250(0) 788745645

Carnegie Mellon University in Silicon Valley
Steve Rosenberg

Steven Rosenberg, Senior Director of Operations, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley

Office: Building 23 (MS-11)
Moffett Field, CA 94035
Office #214B

Phone: 650.335.2890

Fax: 650.603.7032


Chemical Engineering
Larry Biegler

Lorenz (Larry) T. Biegler, Department Head

Office: 1111 Doherty Hall

Phone: 412.268.3848



Janet Latini, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.2230

Fax: 412.268.7139

Civil and Environmental Engineering
David Dzombak, Department Head, CEE

David A. Dzombak, Department Head

Office: 119 Porter Hall

Phone: 412.268.1071



Jodi Russo, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.1071


David Brumley

David Brumley, Director

Office: Scaife 312

Phone: 412.268.3581



Sheryl Benicky, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.3729

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jelena Kovačević

Jelena Kovačević, Department Head

Office: 1106 Hamerschlag Hall

Phone: 412.268.3299



Christina Cowan, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.3299

Engineering and Public Policy
Douglas Sicker

Douglas Sicker, Department Head

Office: 129 Baker Hall

Phone: 412.268.2838



Patti Steranchak, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.1085

Fax: 412.268.3757

Information Networking Institute
Dena Haritos Tsamitis

Dena Haritos Tsamitis, Director

Office: 4616 Henry Street, Room 119

Phone: 412.268.3297



Nancy L. Doyle, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.9801

Fax: 412.268.7196

Joint Institute of Engineering (SYSU-CMU JIE)
Jimmy Zhu

Jimmy Zhu, Co-Director, SYSU-CMU JIE

Office: Roberts Engineering Hall 348

Phone: 412.268.8373

Fax: 412.268.3497


Reenie Kirby, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.6579

Fax: 412.268.3497

Materials Science and Engineering
Greg Rohrer

Gregory S. Rohrer, Department Head

Office: 3327 Wean Hall

Phone: 412.2268.2696



Suzanne Smith, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.5936

Fax: 412.268.7596

Mechanical Engineering
Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson, Department Head

Office: 401 Scaife Hall

Phone: 412.268.2501



Kate Tucker, Assistant

Phone: 412.268.3860

Fax: 412.268.3348