Given the decision on March 11 to move to remote instruction, starting on Monday, March 16 students will NOT be provided access to Tech Spark until further notice.

Tech Spark staff will work closely with partnered course instructors to provide design experiences for remote students. For students enrolled in our partnered courses, Tech Spark will provide the following types of support:

  1. Online consultations:  Remote students and student groups will be able to connect online with Tech Spark professional staff to receive education through discussion and feedback on their design projects at all points in the process including ideation, 3D CAD modeling, CAD simulation, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, and implementation. This will include advice for how students can best leverage the fabrication and prototyping capabilities of the facility. Tech Spark staff are currently developing the protocols for these consultations.
  2. Fabrication-support: Tech Spark will accept fabrication-ready files from students in partnered courses to create components for projects and then run jobs to build the parts. This could include 3D printing, laser cutting, machining, and all other fabrication equipment at Tech Spark. Only instructors, TAs, and course staff will be able to pick up parts from Tech Spark and be responsible for sending them to students as necessary.  
  3. Prototyping-support: To ensure the graduation of seniors, particularly for capstone and design courses, each course will be provided with a set amount of hours per week for Tech Spark professionals to conduct dedicated prototyping work. It will be the responsibility of the instructor to communicate the distribution of that time to their students’ projects. It will be the responsibility of students to regularly sign up for and utilize the online consultations for project management. The purpose of this service is to provide remote students with a prototyping experience. The allocation of hours, procedures, and limitations for this service are currently being developed. 

Other services:

  1. Recharge work: Tech Spark will continue to perform recharge work to support research enterprise.  



  • All Tech Spark Mini4 Spring2020 hands-on courses are cancelled (24-104, 24-105, 24-200, 24-205, 24-206, 24-207, and 24-300).
  • Ensuring a quality education for remote students of partnered courses and supporting a strong research program are the priorities for Tech Spark Mini4 Spring2020. All others are welcome to inquire about TechSpark’s capacity for other support at