Machining requests For machining requests contact Ed Wojciechowski.

The Pro Shop is actively involved in the fabrication of custom components and assemblies for educational and research projects. Our experienced staff members can advise you on the feasibility and cost associated with any project. We are familiar with machining an array of materials including polymers, stainless steels, alloys, and machinable ceramics. We are here to assist you with your manufacturing questions and deliver quality components. 

Machining service process

  • Contact Ed Wojciechowski to set up a meeting to discuss the design and feasibility of your part.
  • Email/bring drawings, materials, components, or any other materials that can assist in the discussion of your project.
  • Accept invite and submit your request through FBS, our job submission site.
  • Once all materials are in, a certified machinist can begin to work on your part.
  • A machinist will contact you when your parts are complete.
  • An email with oracle number, department, and advisor must be provided before you pick up your parts.

ProShop staff-only equipment:

  • Haas CNC VF-2
  • Haas CNC Mini Mill
  • Haas ST-10 CNC Lathe
  • Large Clausing Lathe
  • Sharp Knee Mill
  • Protomax water jet