Jack Beuth on PBS SciTechNow

The possibilities of 3D printing seem to be endless. At the cutting edge is Jack Beuth, professor of mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He argues that in the next five years, metal 3D printing will provide key advances. It could revolutionize the fields of aerospace defense alternative energy and more. Watch Beuth on SciTechNow.

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June 1: EGO Approach Helps Manufacturers Optimize Soft Material 3D Printing, World Industrial Reporter

June 1: CMU researchers design EGO method to optimize soft material 3D printing, 3ders.org

June 1: CMU expert algorithm can predict biomaterial 3d printing parameters, 3D Printing Industry

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February 17: 3D Printing Looks to Disrupt Medical Wearables, Machine Design

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February 7: 3D Printing Looks to Disrupt Medical Wearables, Machine Design (Optomec)

January 17: New 3-D printing technique for manufacturing strain gauges, 3D Printing Progress

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January 12: Researchers use aerosol jet 3D printing to develop strain gauges with unprecedented sensitivity, 3ders.org

January 12: Computer Vision System Automates Characterization of Metal Powder, Additive Manufacturing Magazine

January 11: Carnegie Mellon Explores 3D Micro-Additive Manufacturing with Optomec System, Digital Engineering

January 11: 3D Printing Put to Use to Create More Sensitive Strain Gauges for High-Temperature Applications, 3DPrint.com

January 10: Carnegie Mellon University's Engineering department deploys Optomec's Aerosol Jet Technology, TCT Magazine

January 10: 3-D printing remakes the strain gauge, Phys.org

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November 30: 3D Printing in Manufacturing: Visualizing A New Mode of Production, Business News Daily

October 4: Trib to moderate discussion on 3D printing with PwC, CMU, TribLive

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October 31: SME Hosts 3D Scan of Pittsburgh Bridge for Upcoming RAPID + TCT 3D Technology Event, 3DPrint.com

October 31: Len Boselovic’s Heard off the Street: Clemente Bridge souvenirs show off 3-D printing, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

October 26: SME Hosts First-Ever 3D Scan of Pittsburgh Bridge, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

October 21: Educators and Industry Discuss Need for Engineering Education to Adapt to AM, AM Magazine

October 13: SAE International Signs on as Founding Member of CMU NextManufacturing Center Additive Manufacturing Consortium, SAE International

October 7: From Assembly Line To Digital Thread: The Factory Of The Future Is Here, And It’s Here To Stay, GE Reports

September 26: Overcoming the Challenges of 3D Printing with Metals, Industrial Heating 

September 16: Solving Porosity Issues in Metal 3-D Printing with Anthony Rollett of Next Manufacturing Center (Podcast)

September 14: Microfabrica’s Tiny Revolution, Michael Belfiore

August 15: Carnegie Mellon Launches 3D Print Consortium, RapidReady by Desktop Engineering

August 9: NextManufacturing Center launches consortium to promote additive manufacturing, NEXTPittsburgh

August 3: Carnegie Mellon U aims to unlock industrial 3D printing potential with new consortium that includes GE, Alcoa and United States Steel, 3ders.org

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July 30: New 3-D view of manufacturing, Times Union Albany

July 29: CMU launches consortium to unlock potential of 3-D printing, Pittsburgh Business Times

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March 17: Policymakers Want to Know More About 3D Printing & Economic Impact—Carnegie Mellon Faculty Participate in Briefing to Congress, 3DPrint.com

March 4: Intense X-rays expose tiny flaws in 3-D printed titanium that can lead to breakage over time, Argonne National Laboratory

February 22: 5 Key Advances for Metal Additive Manufacturing, Engineering.com

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November 20: Pittsburgh Region’s Additive Manufacturing Boom, WPXI’s Our Region’s Business 

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