Hamerschlag Hall, the iconic flagship building of the university, is ready for a transformation. The College of Engineering plans to reenergize 40,000 existing square feet into a new MakerWing to fuse hands-on learning experiences with high impact, solutions-based research in one multidisciplinary hub.

The MakerWing will feature integrated student-focused maker spaces, clustered research environments, open work areas, advanced manufacturing facilities, and micro/nanosystems laboratories.

This unique wing will lower barriers to multidisciplinary collaboration while cultivating creative problem-solving and “learning by doing.” It will create an epicenter of ideas becoming real solutions in the education/research fusion that only Carnegie Mellon can deliver.


MakerWing in Hamerschlag Hall

Source: Carnegie Mellon University

The new MakerWing in Hamerschlag Hall

Students across the college will be able to pursue pragmatic designs and functional applications for coursework and independent projects such as Design II capstone projects and Build18, the freestyle tinkering competition.

The MakerWing represents a $23 million investment in students, faculty, and the future of the College of Engineering. It will include a $5 million endowed equipment fund.

“We must commit to this Hamerschlag Hall renovation project for the future success of our students and faculty,” says James H. Garrett Jr., Dean of the College of Engineering.